MonsterVine: GoldenEye 007 Reloaded Preview

MonsterVine: "The game is entirely redesigned from the levels (of the Wii version) and even the characters to give it a modern take on the classic."

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ghaleon19802329d ago

I guess I'll pass up on the Wii version of this game (which is heavily discounted by now) to pick up one of the HD console versions. It's fine that it uses COD as an inspiration, but I hope that it's not a total COD clone either....

Cpt_kitten2329d ago

it will be unfortunetly, just look at the picture thats a screen from almost every cod game

its activision so of course it will be call of duty with bond in it

ghaleon19802329d ago

Damn it you're probably right....

SuperStrokey11232329d ago

Is this a budget game or a full $60 release?

MonsterVine2329d ago

They haven't revealed pricing details for 007 GoldenEye Reloaded but if I were to guess, probably a $50 release.