Video Game Foresight - The Portable Problem

CheatCC - Cell phones are wonderful devices. They allow us to keep in contact with people even while sitting in the car or sipping coffee at the local Starbucks. They also let us do all sorts of crazy things nowadays like map our locations via GPS, get the weather forecast, check our email, and even play video games.

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dedicatedtogamers2404d ago

The "portable problem" is the problem with the consoles: consoles these days are trying to be cheap PCs, whereas in the past the console was the middle-ground between arcade gameplay and PC gameplay.

Handhelds used to be about portability, multiplayer, and pick-up-and-play experiences. Now it's all about trying to cram console games onto the handheld. It's no small wonder that cell phones are succeeding with their cheap pick-up-and-play games.

MaxXAttaxX2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

"Cramming console games" is not the only thing handhelds can do nowadays. It's STILL very much about portability(obviously), multiplayer and pick up-and-play experiences.

Think about the GameBoy and games like Mario Land and Metroid II. Were they not console-like games? It's always been like that.
There are still several original portable games that can't be replicated on consoles.
For example, the dual screen+touch on the DS and the multi-touch screen/pad and motion on the PS Vita are unique to portable game systems.

To a gamer like myself, cheap $1 - $5 phone games are not going to replace dedicated handheld games.
First of all, you can't get the same games(at least 90%+) and second, come on, controls on handheld gaming systems are much better.

chadachada1232403d ago

Cell phones just don't compare to having solid buttons, and with the 3DS, an analog stick and shoulder buttons.

With everything going touch-only or having very crappy keypads (for gaming), I don't think that the handheld market has much to worry about. For now at least.

That's not to say that I don't have or play cell phone games; I most certainly do, only that those are casual games, and my handheld system is for more hardcore or multiplayer gaming, which cell phones just can't replicate.

Dwalls11712403d ago

There is no problem...people love spending money.if the product their buying is a good one...newsflash I pod anf iphone ant cheap their ..if people buy that they will pick up a vita