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CheatCC - As someone who laments the demise of the JRPG, I was reasonably excited for the release of White Knight Chronicles back in 2009. However, after countless delays and some serious hiccups with the American localization, I found the final product to be a little bit lackluster. The JRPG series needs a shot in the arm, and unfortunately, White Knight Chronicles is not it. Despite its lukewarm reception, both in the U.S. and in Japan, White Knight Chronicles did still receive the inevitable sequel. And while the sequel is already a year old in Japan (and was released just this past June in Europe) the U.S. will finally get to check out the next White Knight chapter in September. So what can we expect?

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Twizlex2613d ago

JRPGs would be so much better if they stopped sucking.

edub10262613d ago

@ Twizlex, Shin Ramyun Hot & Spicy noodles are the best.
Awesome avatar. Oh and about WKC, the game was actually fun online. What other MMORPG style console game is there?

Twizlex2613d ago

My comment was not specifically about White Knight Chronicles but recent JRPGs in general.

And yes, Shin Ramyun is the shit. Recognize!

WildArmed2611d ago

I don't think it's the JRPGs sucking (with a few exceptions) but people expecting something else from an JRPG.
Like instant gratification (ala shooter). It's tough to sell that when ur genre is based on character building.

I've played some pretty good JRPGs in the last year alone.. But alas the number of JRPGs has began to dwindle on the HD consoles. Quite sad really.

WKC, Resonance of Fate, Trinity Zil'O Souls,
nier, Eternal Sonata, Star Ocean, etc etc. These are all good JRPGs (and some case great). But people are expecting something else out of RPGs these days. JRPGs aren't exactly action hack n slash games; so people get confused, I guess.

Honestly, I just got a PSP to play my JRPGs. I've playing through FF4 Collection right now. Loving it, i have about 40 hours in FF4.. I'm doing the post game dungeon atm <3

banjadude2612d ago

It's so nice of them to include the first game in free.