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Is it really out of this world?

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Rrobba2431d ago

An amazing game! Jaw-dropping gameplay, top-notch level design, great art-style and awesome soundtrack!

ReservoirDog3162430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

I played a few hours of it but I'd say SMG1 was better. Everything felt so same-y except it lost its almost Disney-like storybook quality.

And it felt forced since no mention of the last game were present. Like when Mario meets the toads for the first time in 2. Feels so disconnected. And the level selection screen felt too lifeless after playing 1.

Maybe it's cause I really* played 1 for all it was worth before 2 came out (got every star) that 2 felt almost tired to me by the time I played it.

Gotta retry it soon.

edit: Oh and I hated that purple thing!

Zardos2431d ago

Yep, best platformer this gen!

Rrobba2430d ago

Agreed. Closely followed by Super Mario Galaxy 1 and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Nintendo has really delivered great platformers this generation, as always.

Zardos2427d ago

New Super Mario Bros Wii is up there as well. The 4 player mayhem and fun really changed the approach. And the fact that I can also enjoy it in single player is great as well. Looking forward to New Super Mario Bros Mii next year on Wii U.

Titanz2430d ago

Great looking, great gameplay mechanics, and it has replay value to boot!

Venox20082430d ago

Both mario galaxies are ones of the best platformers I've ever played :) timeless games..

vglulz2430d ago

Galaxy 2 is some of the most fun i've ever had with a game.