Nintendo’s 3DS Price Drop a Good Sign for Wii U Pricing

"As we all know, Nintendo held high hopes for their latest handheld gaming device, the 3DS, but due to the $250 price point, I feel it’s safe to say the device failed miserably against Nintendo’s expectations. Taking action to bring the device back to life, Nintendo announced today that on August 12th, the Nintendo 3DS will officially drop from its $249.99 price point down to $169.99, roughly a 33% cut."

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CrazyForGames2609d ago

i have no doubt a 300 price seems very realistic

jacksheen00002609d ago

Pricing the Wii U at $300 only going to happen if Nintendo is willing to take a lost on each Wii U console sold.

Muletroid2609d ago

your saying that with the impression that the control is going to cost a fortune to produce though
it can end up being allot cheaper to produce than people seem to think
299 doesn't sound unbelievable right now at all

they already said don't expect 250 and 400 isn't going to happen so its either 350 or 300 and at the moment 300 sounds very realistic
heck they might surprise people and go with a 2 model route one 300 and one 350
i doubt it though

personally for me 300 sounds realistic heck maybe even a random number like 320? just like 170 is a random number

jacksheen00002609d ago

@ Muletroid

Pricing the Wii U at $300 might sound responsible
but sailing the Wii U for 50 bucks more than the Wii might give people the wrong impression. So, Pricing something strategically can used a business tactic to make people think something is more valuable when it really isn't. So pricing the Wii U at 300(50 buck more than the Wii U) may have people wondering is the Wii U is worth getting if him or her don't see the value in the product.

My guess is the Wii U is going to be over 300...may be 329 or may be priced at 350. we will have to wait and see.

Seferoth752609d ago

Wii is currently 139.99 for the Wii Sportgs/Resort combo and 149.99 for the Mkwii bundle

darthv722609d ago

to buy a portable. I am very glad they are taking this approach. It shows that their focus will be on the 3ds as they basically priced the dsi and ds out of the running.

The ds and dsi will likely drop as well but if they market it right, the 3ds does with the dsi and ds do plus 3d. so people in the market that already have a ds can just leapfrog over the dsi and go right for the 3ds at a great price.

I know I will pick up one. The games can only get better as they tweak with using the 3d feature and online system.

killajd2609d ago

It might pick up steam dropping its price. I wasnt really interested but I might now pick one up in a bit.

iamnsuperman2609d ago

Well the 3DS price drop Cannot show any indication on the Wii u price. It all depends how much it will cost to make/develop. A touchscreen controller with a console that displays HD graphics and can stream this HD graphics (lag less) to the possibly HD touch screen controller to me sounds expensive.

Nick2120042609d ago

Correct, but I feel Nintendo learned a lesson and now understands in order to be successful with their market, they need to launch the hardware at an attractive price. They will probably decided to take a larger hit than usual on the Wii U.

Otheros002609d ago

The screen is not HD or multitouch. NonHD singletouch screen sounds cheap, just what you expect from nintendo.

tmanmushroom2609d ago

That's a big price drop for a handheld that released this year!

killajd2609d ago

Thats very true I dont think Iv seen a price drop in the first yr of any console or handheld

kreate2609d ago

iphone dropped from 600 to 400 3-4 months after launch.

but maybe its not really considered a handheld.

Shok2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

This is exactly what I've been saying all along. Everybody went rabid over the NGP pricing but I said since the beginning that there was no way Nintendo would let the 3DS sit at $250 like that, no way.

It was obvious. The 3DS only costs $100 to make, so they're still making a very good profit.

Anyways, I'm glad I haven't bought one yet. Not I can pick it up for cheaper.

mike1up2608d ago

Well you called it, $80 price drop already. But dont think that Nintendo dropped the price just to see the smile on your face. The 3DS is sinking fast, and Nintendo knows it. With hardly any quality games on the shelf (i still love you Ocarina of Time), and Vita just around the corner, Nintendo just SAVED the 3DS from an early grave.

Theyll make their money back through software, but Nintendo took a hit on this one. $100 to make? you sure about that?

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