Saints Row: The Third Studio Considered Red Faction Geo-Mod Engine

NowGamer: Volition thought about using Red Faction tech for Saints Row 3

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JellyJelly2548d ago

I sure hope we get to see the GeoMod 2 Engine used in more games even if Red Faction is dead. That engine is a beast.

ATi_Elite2548d ago

Hot Dam they should of used it.

that would really be cool to have a GTA type game with total destruction but after you level the city to smoldering pile of dust then what?

drive around in circles for 24hrs. waiting for Burger Shot or the Hospital to repair itself so you can get health?

lzim2548d ago

that 100% makes up for the death of Red Faction if true.

now hardware that can do large scale destruction and deformation of an urban environment..

Boletarian2548d ago

"One, it would have been very, very difficult to do. It would have been possible, but difficult."

This guy doesn't know how to talk to the press. Don't ever tell the press that you could have done something great but chose not to do it because it would be hard. Instead, stick to the second reason. Say that full-on destructibility would have ruined what Saints Row is about.

TheIneffableBob2548d ago

But it's nice to hear the truth.

There are sooooooo many things that are cut out of games simply because they're too difficult to do in their limited time frame.

MasterD9192548d ago

They know that most players would reduce the entire city to nothing but a pile of dust if they allowed destruction and building damage.

They wanted to preserve the structures within the city and felt it was more important to keep them.