Halo: Anniversary Terminals Sneak Peak

Check out new Halo: Anniversary Terminals teaser

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HK62545d ago

Looks pretty cool. Can't wait until the Fall.

RyuDrinksTheDew2545d ago

going to be awesome!!

cant wait to re-live this epic moment in gaming.

hope they do this same sexy treatment to Halo 2!

Cpt_kitten2545d ago

yeah they should

halo 2 hd remake is gonna be great too, like the space jump with the bomb =D

halo Ce will never lose its place in my heart with all the memories it gave me

otherZinc2545d ago


Also, if they have a Halo 2 remake,I'll cry real hard, that would be awesome!

If the music played during this video is any indication of the future of Halo music; we're in for a treat! Music was the same, just hyped a little. Good!

RockmanII72545d ago

Maybe then there could be a Halo 3 HD

SuperSaiyan42545d ago

Although I agree it is going to be epic I doubt they will give Halo 2 the same treatment. Halo 2 in my opinion played fantastic online despite the cheaters it was far better than Halo 3 and Reach online as it felt more fair when killing the enemy and better tactifully due to the maps.

But what I do want to see is a Halo: Anniversary Collectors Edition.

A7XEric2545d ago

I'm just confused because if there's a terminal on every level, what the hell would it be on the pillar of autumn? It just wouldn't make sense to be on there

Winkle922545d ago

There probably won't be a terminal on every level.

A7XEric2545d ago

I don't have a link on hand where they say that, but I'm pretty sure I've heard it either in some E3 interview or on a Sparkcast