Nvidia GeForce 280.19 Beta Driver Released

The new GeForce R280.19 beta drivers are now available to download. Filled with fixes, new and updated 3D Vision profiles, and a couple of new features, the beta drivers are an essential upgrade for those seeking the absolute best from their games.

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Wuu2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Beta drivers? Nvidia really was "burned", with releasing driver, that mange to overheat and break nice amount of gpu's. Now they need beta testers :>

ATi_Elite2491d ago

Even though your statement is so true your gonna get a whole lot of disagrees from Nvidia fanboys who act like this never happened.

Evil driver set 196.75

Nvidia = The way to set your House on Fire!!!

and before anybody says one word i proudly own 560ti GTX SLi set-up!!

Dits2493d ago

Beta drivers have been around since drivers were invented. This is nothing new

_LarZen_2493d ago

Good that the people that are eager to test new drivers can do that, me personaly wont risk my expencive gfx card and wil wait...

RankFTW2493d ago

These got rid of the annoying stuttering bug I was having in TF2 and also gave me a couple of FPS boost in Rift on my 580.

Si-Fly2493d ago

I had a stuttering bug in iracing with 275.33 with my gtx580 and had to go back to 270.61 so hoping this new driver sorts that out for me too!