Final Fantasy Type-0 screenshots

Square Enix released a ton of new screenshots of Final Fantasy Type-0.

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Ingram2574d ago

I know I will get stoned to death by postmodern FF fans but I really have the urge to say this.

I'm sick and tired of squeenix recycling facial models with different wigs.

I'm sick and tired of squeenix's baroque flashy and totally gay wardrobe.

And I'm sick and tired of "westernification", excessive use of CGI, unnatural exotism, simplification of battle systems to get to a "wider audience".

FF is dead for me.Absolutely dead.
/end cynical rant

GoldPS32574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Then go play COD like the rest of the 20+ million idiots. LOL!

No wicko COD has always been shit.

Anyway I was just joking.

wicko2574d ago

Switch from one turned to shit series to another? Yea that makes sense.

Ingram2574d ago

If I could only choose between contemporary FF and COD, well, I would choose a cyanide injection.

iamtehpwn2574d ago

Altocrystarium reminds me of a Kingdom Hearts style progression system

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Peaceful_Jelly2574d ago

this game reminds me to Zero no Tsukaima.