4Player Review: Deadliest Warrior Legends

Deadliest Warrior Legends is more than anything; a fighting game where a match can end with a single strike; a game filled with ridiculous moments, where victory is decided by the will of the fates and sheer ballfullness rather than the triumph of skill and careful ‘tactical’ douchery.

It does have a set ot technical problems, problems that if they were present in another game, then that game would be garbage. But in the Deadliest Warrior they bring so much hilarity that they should be called features, and I do not want to mention some of the hilarious glitches that I’ve run into for fear of spoiling it for those of you who will now be buying this game.

Get this game. It might not be very good and honestly, you might not play it very often, but the times you do fire it up and play with a friend will be well worth the price of admission

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FredEffinChopin2577d ago

The sad thing about this game is that it could have easily worked with a slightly different approach. If they had incorporated the actual show in some way it would've made more sense in my mind, maybe treat it as a sort of training where minigame results determine individual weapon skill growth. Ditch the actual people (it makes it too much like History Channel Street Fighter) and leave it to warrior types, such as Maori or Roman Centurion, and let the player customize a character for each type. Most importantly, the fighting has to not-be terrible.