Xboxliveaddicts Rumour: Final Black Ops 'rezurection' Dlc All Zombie Maps?

Rumours have been going around this week from sources stating that the final map pack for Activision FPS Call of Duty Black Ops will feature five zombie map packs.

4 of the maps will be the maps available only from the hardened edition of Black Ops and the final map will be a new one known as 'The Moon'.

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WetN00dle692614d ago

WELL, here is hoping its not true. I mean the Zombie pack that came with the hardened edition were the WAW zombie maps. Instead of recycling they should just give is new content.

bestofthebest2614d ago

yea i want a new zombie map but they should release the classic zombie pack also I hardly play them cause none of my friends bought the hardened edition

fl1pp132614d ago

I think it's fake, as the source states that it's only for people who purchased the Hardened Edition. Actisivion won't stop people from buying maps for some easy bucks.

ddkshah2614d ago

ohhh I see, it's a way to screw over the people who bought the hardened and prestige edition. The map pack will have 4 of the original waw maps AND an additional one. Meaning the owners of the 2 editions will have to pay $15 for one new zombie map if they want to play it.

Lazy_Sunday2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

I mean, for $15, that's an expansion pack, and that would satisfy my purchase. It's the only reason I play CoD anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.