ButtonCombo: Hands-On With Mario Kart 3D

Mario Kart is always a big title on any Nintendo console, so when I caught up with it at Hyper Japan this weekend I was somewhat excited as to what Nintendo had brought to the table this time around.

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vglulz2611d ago

This and Luigi's Mansion 2 are the reasons I'm excited to have a 3DS. Can't wait.

billyboi1222611d ago

I haven't had chance to play the game myself but I hope it feels more like Mario Kart DS than Mario Kart Wii. I know there's a huge element of luck involved when playing Mario Kart but I think the rubberband AI took things too far with the latest game.

thephillup2611d ago

I really like that they are adding new elements to the game like the submerging and gliding. I think the franchise needs to be freshened up a little bit.