Massive 3DS Price Cut and the Bleeding Out of Mobile Gaming of Mobile Gaming

"As of August 12th, the Nintendo 3DS will go from the already reasonable price of $249 to a staggering $169. Take that in for a second."- Shanghai Six

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TheStonedSheep2615d ago

Sucks to have bought a 3DS at launch. First the mediocre titles and then this.

tunaks12615d ago

I agree, buying a handheld at launch is never a good idea

Misterhbk2615d ago

It's quite funny because Nintendo is getting praise for this price cut. If any other system, be it 360 or PS3 had cut its price in less than 6 months it'd be a shit storm of hate media and how they ripped off early consumers.

Dart892615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Yea but at least Nintendo is giving them a chance to download 20 free titles from the eshop so it's not all that bad.

Edit: wait so getting 20 free titles is now a bad thing??judging by my disagree.

Misterhbk2615d ago

I'll take my 80 dollars back thank you. They can keep the crappy eshop games.

fluffydelusions2615d ago

That's a massive price cut.

maxcavsm2615d ago

MisterHBK is making a good point, but man. They need some more games for the damn thing and I'd buy one right now.