Game Trailers : Forza 4 Top Gear Bowling + Career Mode Walkthrough (Cam)

Get a glimpse of one of the new game modes inspired by the Top Gear U.K. show!

Forza 4's revamped career mode in World Tour, and we're bringing you an inside look in this Walkthrough with Content Director John Wendl.

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Foxgod2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Awesome, this game got so much replay value it will last all the way till the next gen :D

MOTY2614d ago

I agree. I think that is what their plan is. Put as much content into this game then let it ride out till the next gen console which should be in about 2 years...exactly the amount of time Turn 10 takes to create their Forza games.

StanLee2614d ago

Seems gimmicky and pointless and I'm one of the biggest fans of Forza 3. How ironic that this content is tied to their partnership with Top Gear UK. A show that has moved away from being a petrol head fav to being more about gimmicks and pointless stunts.

otherZinc2614d ago


For me, I'm the traditional racer. I'll always have Forza games, as they always improve with each iteration.

My daughter will love this mode. She already plays a bunch, also, with Kinect features, all the more reason this game will be appealing to more people.

Now! If Turn 10 loses any greatness of the traditional Forza Game, I'll be pissed! So, if they can manage the extras, Great!

However, I'm not worried.
Collectors Edition, Day 1 purchase!

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mcstorm2614d ago

I want this game even more after those two videos. They have made this game for everyone. Hard core racers and a game for everyone to pickup and play. My GF loves Forza 3 but hats it online as she gets her ass kicked every-time but this looks like it will give me and her just what we want. I want it to be fun for us all to pickup and play including on line together and also core fun for me when im paying it on my own.

The Graphs look amazing and I think this game will last 2 years plus with the amount of content they have put in it.

I think this is going to be my game of the year.

Its looking like Forza 4 is the 360s version of GT and a updated version of PGR in one.

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