Jack Wilshere joins Wayne Rooney on the front cover for FIFA 12

"EA Sports have just announced, that Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere will be joining Wayne Rooney on the front cover of FIFA 12 for UK, Ireland, Scandinavian and Middle East pack."

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RedDragan2493d ago

Same game every year...

zootang2493d ago

I don't like to say it but this looks like they could be slowly trying to replace Rooney.

DrillaKid2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Why is Wilshere on the front cover? Plenty of players better (and more famous) than him in the league.

jdfoster002492d ago

It's not only them two... It will be Rooney (why idk after all the swearing, cheating and etc)Kaka, Wilshere and Cahill

Big_Dom2492d ago

Hmm, looks like I'll be removing the cover again this year. The fat, balding troll should be removed.