Fastest Lap With The Tone: Forza Garage Reveals 7/21 - 7/27

Gaming Examiner writes, "Hello, welcome, and zoom zoom, car fans! Welcome to another installment of Fastest Lap With The Tone! This week we have a bucketful of cars from Turn 10's reveals; everything from another Honda Civic to a legendary British beauty. With that in mind, let's dive in!"

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ironwolf2578d ago

Some of them are OK, some are pretty "meh".

kingdoms2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

In your opinion, which is pretty "meh"

ironwolf2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

The Jeep (really? in a racing game?), the Ix20, the Civic VTi, the Lexus hybrid, the Golf GTI (not all of them, but that model), the Taurus (for God's sake, it's a Taurus). Instead of soccer mom cars, give us some exciting old cars. How about a Studebaker Hawk? A Ford Falcon? A Porsche 350? A TR7 Victory Edition? A 1957 Chevy Belair?

teething2577d ago

I hope they are just getting the boring cars out of the way first... or we will get a GT5 car list (aka snore-fest).

That being said, I have high hopes for Forza 4 since the car list for F3 was incredible.

The classic muscle cars pack, and the SUV's make me worry that they are catering too much to the US market.

Just announce Porsche already or you won;t be getting my business!!!

teething2577d ago

Want cars to add to the list? Check out the Ralf Lauren car collection... and then add everything in it.

BlmThug2577d ago

Its still early days. They have only been announcing cars for only a week so the better cars will be announced closer to release

ironwolf2576d ago


Don't worry about the Porsches; Forza is licensed for them. As I understand (maybe wrong, I don't know), GT is not.