Duke Nukem Forever PC Patch Coming Soon - No more two-weapons limit

DSOGaming writes: "Gearbox’s community manager, Chris Faylor, has finally revealed that the company is already working on a PC patch for Duke Nukem Forever. Moreover - and according to Faylor’s post at the game’s official forum, the development team has already in the works updates for all platforms that are based on feedback that was provided by their fans."

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Voxelman2578d ago

Still polishing that turd I see

Errod882577d ago

Release this on console as well plus please fix those load times.

hilyou2577d ago

still it'll be garbage. unless they do a complete remake or something. but thatll take 12 years to.

zeksta2577d ago

People, they can't make a game, play a game or do anything without criticism these days, sometimes that makes a better product, other times it just pisses people off, including me.

banjadude2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Hmmm, I think I might be the only person experiencing this problem, but after the "Ti!!y City" level, the game won't recognize that I beat the latter levels on the "Damn, I'm good" (hardest) difficulty. I've contacted 2K and Gearbox support about it... to no avail :(

I hope they also fix that cheap Octoking Boss battle (the one where you are on a crane).

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