PES 2012 One-One-One Gameplay Footage

Konami have released a new PES 2012 video which shows the improvements that have been made to one-on-one scenarios in this years game.

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cstyle2578d ago

Can't wait to play the next PES. Game play is so much better than FIFA IMO.

showtimefolks2578d ago

i don't know why even though everyone i know is playing fifa i just can't let go of PES because that's the soccer game i have played for a long time

there is no way and i do mean no way fifa can ever match pes in just pure gameplay

like all other EA sports titles if you can't beat your competition than just buy the exclusive rights to different leagues or the whole league all together

when a new PES comes out i buy the roster updates from ebay for under $5 bucks and everything is the way its suppose to be

and this year it seems like konami has done some new things can't wait to try some of the new features

MintBerryCrunch2578d ago

some look good, some still look clunky

the AI seems kind of lost when its 1 on 1 in some of those scenarios

Baka-akaB2578d ago

they havent shown in any video yet , the computer at the highest levels