Making the perfect Kinect game: Microsoft's tips and tricks

OXM UK: "You might think that the process of creating a game for Kinect is a frantic wrestling match with the dark gods of technology - a thrilling struggle to clamp the hardware down with chains of noughts and ones."

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dirigiblebill2401d ago

1. Put guns in it. Because everybody knows games without guns aren't games at all.

HeavenlySnipes2401d ago

knows how to make a perfect Kinect game? They must be keeping the secret safe to show all the amazing games next E3


wallis2401d ago

Unless the secret is "don't" then once again microsoft is speaking a load of cock again.

gamingdroid2401d ago

Did anyone actually read the article? It's a good article discussing the inherent freedom and problem with Kinect platform and why it takes a lot of work.

How many years did it take for FPS to become mainstream on consoles, something that was before thought impossible?