Why Are Games So Damn Expensive?

Hooked Gamers: "In an effort to decipher why video games are so expensive Hooked Gamers fought through trenches, double-crossed some high-ranking officials and even lost a comrade or two to Jason Bourne wannabes.

It all paid off though because we have compiled data that clearly states why video games cost us $60 a pop, and it's all in a pretty pie chart."

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Supman2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Hmm... lets see....
maybe because are economy sucks?

xTHRASHx2609d ago

Its because of you no one likes N4G

Ranshak2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

They really arent. That is if you are sensible.

I bought about 6 great games this summer sale of steam just for about 100usd. So no i dont think games are expensive.

Personally have over 150games on my steam list alone.

Its just that console gaming is expensive. Game prices barely go down, and newly released games always charge a premium.

Rashonality2609d ago

you go to go to hell and die

TurismoGTR2609d ago

Because technology is advancing..

Rashonality2609d ago


if you mean "game developers are idiots cuz they always try to use cutting edge technology that cost a ton of money rather than getting creative with current technology" then Yes I Agree.

JLeVRT2609d ago

Development costs go up... Prices do. Simple as that.

Ranshak2609d ago

Lol not true, Game like crysis 1 which is still one of the best looking games out there didnt cost too much to make.

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TheDareDevil2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Wait, I thought it was publishers - 30%, Retailers - 30%, Devs - 20% etc. I remember reading it somewhere.
Oh, yeah MS/Sony cut - 10%

xTHRASHx2609d ago

Well yes, that is true, in a sense. But of each of those percentages, like say 30% to the publisher, a lot of that goes to the fees that cost to make the game. See?

Ulf2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Devs don't get a cut until the development costs are paid, out of their would-be cut, to the publisher.

The thing that sucks about that is that by the time the devs pay for their game development out of their cut, the publisher has typically made way way more than the game cost to make. That's how they deal with all the failed projects -- by penalizing the mildly successful ones.

darksied2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Games don't really cost that much. Bad games might cost a lot (because you'll always hate what you paid), good games cost just the right amount (or nothing compared to what you got out of it; i.e. 180 hours in Bad Company 2, I paid $40 for it). Remember, Nintendo and Super Nintendo games did cost almost the same, sometimes more, and there was a lot of shovelware back then too.

xTHRASHx2609d ago

I agree completely, it isnt that bad. Except when you think of all the games you have wasted 60 on

JellyJelly2609d ago

Imo they're not expensive considering the work and money that goes into making them.

caseh2609d ago

Yeap true.

Its not just that though, its the amount of time you may spend on it. I bought Metal Gear 4 online and i spent like 600+ hours online. I paid £40 for the game. Now thats not value for money!

Equivilent spent on a blue-ray movie £20, times ive viewed the movie, 3 times. Length of film = 2hrs. 6 hours of entertainment. :P

Gaming aint that expensive in comparison.

JellyJelly2609d ago

Exactly. I thought about it after writing my comment. Comparing games to movies wouldn't be fair, as the average movie only lasts 1½-3 hours. A good game would be better compared against a 5-season TV series. And those are way more expensive if you buy the complete boxset.

jacksheen00002609d ago

Cause uncle SAM what his cut too

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