Saints Row: The Third to get a year of DLC after launch

THQ has revealed that it plans to support Saints Row: The Third for at least a year, with downloadable content planned for a twelve-month post-launch spread. 'That's a lot of downloadable dildo helmets!'

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Serjikal_Strike2614d ago

Its a years worth of content that should be in the game when it ships

LunaticBrandon2614d ago

I doubt that. They are going to have a DLC pass that you pay for once and get all the DLC as it comes out. Why would they waste their time releasing DLC a year after launch if it was already done before launch and they got your money nearly a year ago? Seems like an awful lot of work to scam $10 or $15 from people that buy the game.

nickjkl2613d ago

or they could just you know give it free

but thats to much to ask for

Septic2614d ago

So basically the content is ready but Volition are holding it off to make us buy the DLC.

Complete b*tch move.

SageHonor2614d ago

Yep thats correct.. Not that i was gonna buy the game anyway lol

But does it ever occur to them that announcing DLC before the game releases is a bad business movie? In honestly think its really stupid to announce DLC early like that...

mttrackmaster382614d ago

It's not really Volition's fault. The Thq ceo is the one who stated all this.

Raider692614d ago

They already know its a year of dlc,probably its ready a month ago.This is just BS and shows were this industry is heading.

chriski3332614d ago

Why not just included in the game when it comes out

Micro_Sony2614d ago

Have you played any of the other SR? The game is already packed with missions, sides missions and hidden mission. Also the game has replay value after you finish the missions,

The DLC is just for the hardcore SR fan - if you buy the game you will have more than enough content to last you.

Heck this game even has more content that Gears or Uncharted.

Boletarian2614d ago

DLC could have been an excellent way to counter the small disc space that Xbox uses. But only if the developers were willing to give away the content for free.

Instead, they have the content ready but are putting a price tag on it as though they're developing the content after the original release of the game.

The methods for bypassing any problems with the hardware exist but developers or the publishers more like, want to take advantage of the situation so they can make more money.

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