Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Four Pillars - Stealth Gameplay Video

The upcoming and highly anticipated Deus Ex: Human Revolution is gearing up to be 2011's GOTY. The question is, how will the gameplay add value to the game? Well, this developer diary over the game's "four pillars of gameplay", this one is exclusively on the stealth mechanic.

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Godchild10202550d ago

This is an old video. I got all hyped up until I pressed play and realized I seen that video everyday since it was posted.

Godchild10202550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

You should add the stealth video, since that is the newer one.

vladn2550d ago

Stealth video is a check. Thanks for the heads up Godchild.

starchild2549d ago

There is a very good chance that this will be my GOTY. The first game blew my mind and defined what games could be.

What I'm happy about is that Human Revolution actually seems to be living up to the standards set by the first game. I think it is going to be one of the standout games of the year.

49erguy2549d ago

To bad it'll only get recognition after release because I think its gonna have at least a 93 on metacritic. THIS is the definition of sleeper hit.

Godchild10202549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

I was thinking the same thing. It will be a sleeper hit, that will get recognized by those that followed the game through the development and so one. This will be like the game that will sell through word of mouth and by how the game is marketed. That is saying that will be a good thing.

I have high hopes for it and for anyone that is into shooters and RPGs. They should like this because it blends the two, really well. There is more to this that will have a great amount of people wanting more and there are different ways to end the game and to playthrough the game. It will keep a good amount of people happy. It fits a lot of peoples play style(s), that is from what I have seen so far.

hades072549d ago

I cannot wait for this game. Im not sure it will live up to the standards of the first but with each video I watch, I am definitely having higher hopes for it.

showtimefolks2549d ago

guns blazing atleast for the 1st time its their weapons against my weapons winner take souls lol

can't wait august will be a good stat for what to come in last 3-4 months of 2011