Call Of Duty: The Ultimate Hardcore Franchise

Crapgamer from writes:
I'm not ashamed to admit I'm really looking forward to Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3. The Call Of Duty releases are more of a happening or event then a simple game release. There is almost a mania sort of atmosphere connected with the annual release of the next installment. The Call Of Duty games are so inundated into our society that it's now become a pop culture phenomenon. You see or hear about Call Of Duty on the radio, television and even movies. Even my grandmother has heard about Call Of Duty. There is no escaping it, there is no denying it's mass appeal.

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Wizziokid2609d ago

"Call Of Duty: The Ultimate Hardcore Franchise"


Dart892609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Hmmm let me rephrase it for you.

Call Of Duty: The Ultimate Noob Franchise.

*Looks at submitter rolls eyes*.

Edit:we all got disagrees $5 says it was the author cuz he disagrees with you if you're against call for noobs :D.

madjedi2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Well him, ape and insideout probably, although i don't think ape is one of the rabid cod fanboys on n4g.

The only thing hardcore about cod is it's legion of low standards gamers, who require no innovation, originality, and little to no improvement in graphics or gameplay.

And will happily pay $60 to a publisher, who can't even be bothered with having a fucking beta, to atleast attempt to fix most of bugs/problems with the online portion of it's games.

Can't you cod guys demand quality for a change, other devs improve their games, isn't it time cod, moved beyond modern warfare.

aviator1892609d ago

Sorry, but the new CoD games aren't "hardcore" at all. More noob-friendly than ever.

Inside_out2609d ago

COD MW3 will be the biggest entertainment launch of the year. It will smash the competition silly enough to challenge it's dominance.


...Because they are delivering what the fans WANT. They are honest and show the game the way the millions and millions will play and have conducted themselves with class as the classless EA-Dice and it's brainless cabbage head minions attack the game for no other reason other than the game is a great success. Well done deserve the billions you will make.

ape0072608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

i can't wait

madjedi2608d ago

"inside out- Well done deserve the billions you will make." Too bad most of it's employees at raven, the ghost of iw, treyarc and sledgehammer games won't see even a penny of it.

You cod fanatics are always good for a laugh, if mw3 is the people champ i forfeit, thankfully the are many other shooters to chose from than, The incredible stagnating franchise that is cod. :)

Maybe one of these yrs you will get a entirely new engine for the game, instead of a modified quake 3 engine. Just keep giving bobby your wallets.

consolez_FTW2608d ago of the many sheep that think MW3 is anything different than the last 4 installments; brainwashed to buy the exact same game every year. I don't know what Activision did, but I wish I had that kind of crazy mind control power!

FlashXIII2608d ago

Rofl who the hell refers to anything these days as "the people's champ" ?

He has a point though.. Activision are honest and are giving the fans exactly what they want.. more of the same! Haters gonna hate though.

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The story is too old to be commented.