505: PS Vita date “is only speculative”

Some parts of the internet became very excited an hour ago when 505 Games put out a press release entitled “Supremacy MMA takes the fight to the streets with PlayStation Vita this fall”.

However, the publisher has now confirmed to MCV that this is not a premature date leak, saying that the date mentioned “is only speculative”.

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Godchild10202550d ago

Why wouldn't it be? We still don't have a release date for the vita until Sony announces it in September.

Optical_Matrix2550d ago

I hope not lol There's way too many games coming out in Q4 of this year. If Sony are wise, they won't. People won't have the time to play the thing, nor the money. When you look at whats coming between September and December of this year, PS Vita doesn't fit into the equation at all. January-March 2012 for NA-Europe.

pain777pas2550d ago

They have to release this thing now because it would be stupid not too.