3DS Price Drop Puts Sony In Tough Spot (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Nintendo's recent 3DS price drop ($249.99 to $169.99 August 12) was a real eye opener, and puts Sony on its heels.

A little over a month ago, the company announced plans to sell PlayStation Vita for $249.99, putting its newest system (at the time) on par with Nintendo's.

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DrFUD2616d ago

3DS price dropped because it's a bad product that gives people headaches.
My nephew won't play it because he's scared of it and I'm sure there's other kids like him.
That's not the type of reaction Nintendo was hoping for I'm sure.
So the price drop is pure desperation.
But desperation goes both ways and the people who desperately wanted one of the new handhelds but didn't have enough money may have had their minds made up for them now?
Although I wouldn't be surprised if some people still avoid it.

Buff10442616d ago

I agree that it was desperate. Companies normally don't drop a price so soon, and for so much money. Sorry to hear about your nephew's experience. I can't play with the 3D turned on for very long.

SilentNegotiator2615d ago

Of course they dropped the price, they KNOW (from several generations) that a lower price than competition is a HUGE factor. If Sony had brought a system with an identical price, there's no chance in this universe that they would keep their sizable share of the handheld industry.

Glad to see Nintendo have some competitive pressure. They slipped by last gen without hardly ever seeing the other systems trailing behind them, jogging to catch up.

However, what a MASSIVE kick in the nads for early adapters. This is why you should never by the first SKU of a new system, folks.

miyamoto2615d ago

so many factors contributing to the 3DS' misfortune....

like I said before I would never buy a Nintendo hardware at launch nor any electronics product for that's just common sense that many brand loyalists can not get.

Unless you are a collector then by all means buy em all but for a budget gamer like many of us who wants the bang for the buck...hell no!

I knew the 3D screen (with Nintendo's warning for kids) was bad news even before they announced the arrogant $250 price.

I thought they learned from the N64, Gamecube, PS3 over priced machines with the cheap Wii and DS price point. Looks like arrogance and greed got the better of them.

3D screen
arrogant pricing
lack of great games
out dated features
stingy production value

very much conservative Nintendo

so the curse of the Nintendo Play Station lingers on....

EYEamNUMBER12616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

3DS isn't a bad product its pretty solid if it has the games it just has/had 2 main flaws
1. the price was a little steep and 2. the good games wont release until LATER

the ps3 wasn't a bad product when it launched with those 2 same issues
it was just a product that launched with issues not a bad product itself

Buff10442616d ago

I agree 100%. They needed to have Zelda or Mario Kart...or launch. I think they overestimated the popularity of Nintendogs, to be honest.

Micro_Sony2615d ago

The thing I dont like about the 3DS is that the design is just like the DSi but slightly upgraded.

Nintendo always makes hand helds that feel cheap and do not fit in my giant hands.

Vita will be a day one buy for me.

SilentNegotiator2615d ago

No, it's MAIN flaw is having a gimmick that requires you to keep the screen perfectly still, and yet is a HANDHELD with highly touted MOTION CONTROL features.

EYEamNUMBER12615d ago

no that's YOU main flaw with it not the main flaw

as i said before the 2 main flaws were and are pricing and games FACT

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Misterhbk2616d ago

Wow this is really early for a price drop. Less than 6 months on the market and it's already dropped nearly 100 in price? Well I'm gonna be selling mine in the next few days for at least 200 and then I'll pick up one for the new discounted price. This is a bit rediculous to be honest. Customers (like myself) who picked one up early only to have no games, the higher price, and then 4 months later price cut?

All this shows me is that nintendo doesn't see the value in it's own product, and doesn't think the games they have coming will move too many units. This is them finally admitting that the price was too high.

Buff10442616d ago

Really? You would rather sell that get the 20 free games? I would hold onto it and get the 20 free NES and GBA games. You heard about that, right?

Misterhbk2616d ago

Well I'm gonna look and see what games are there. I've only looked in the eshop once or twice but I may download the games then sell the 3DS anyways lol without the memory stick. I dont wanna feel like I got shafted so at the very least I can get 30-40 back from what I paid.

HardCover2615d ago

"I dont wanna feel like I got shafted"

Yet you chose to be an early adopter.

Misterhbk2615d ago

@ hardcover

who in their right mind would have predicted a 6 month price cut? Not even nintendo obviously, given the huge loss their going to incur because of this.

I would have expected maybe a year at the earliest which would have been fine because by then there would have certainly been some good games.

Fez2615d ago


If it's such a good deal why don't you go out and buy one now and get the free games? Oh yeh, cos it's not worth it. It's a good way of making people think they're not getting shafted when in fact they are.

I can't believe they released this at such a high price! Knocking $80 dollars off so soon means it was grossly overpriced for what they were offering.

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subtenko2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Good gosh! I price drop already!?!?

1. That would make me PISSED OFF as an early buyer

2. That would scare me from buying one because that seems alittle weird for such a fast price drop. Maybe they're trying to break a world record?

3. As a consumer, seeing that the 3DS price dropped and thinking about the PSVita I would be gearing more towards the psvita to be more favorable.

For people who make decent income and buy stuff regardless of their success (xbox360 HD-DVD buyers,lol) this will be a good thing for those types of people. SO hats off to you folks I guess -_-

(EDIT), yea Im definitely not buying the WiiU (if I buy one) early...I'll wait that one out...

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

t0mmyb0y2615d ago

I agree with what you said, but saying "Agree or Disagree if you Agree" doesn't make you cool

subtenko2615d ago

@t0mmyb0y never said it made me cool now did I?

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

StbI9902615d ago

A counter disagree trolling, the guy is wise.

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pedrami912616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Guys, this is just another site putting the doubt in an unreleased hardware.

I doubt people who decided to buy the PSV will be swayed because of a price drop since obviously the hardware is worth the price.

A lot of people actually expected way more than 250$ for the PSV.

etowntwo2615d ago

You really believe it doesn't put Sony in a tough spot.

If the 3DS would have stayed at 250, then I saw Sony really having a chance next gen. But I don't think so anymore.

Dony get me wrong, Vida is much better then the 3DS.
But the 3DS along with two new Mario's coming the holiday season .... I think Sony is definitely in a tough spot now.

pain777pas2615d ago

Frankly... I think you are right. I could care less but Sony got punched here. Like I've typed before they have to pit the PSP against the 3DS as a competitor and let the PSV be marketed as a next gen device that far surpasses the competition. That is Sony's only chance. Plus they must release this year.

Takoulya2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Exactly. I like the PSV more than the 3DS, but once its games start coming out, combined with its price drop, it's probably going to be a commercial juggernaut. Think about it, $170 is the price of a DSi XL. Also, I really don't see PSV dropping below $200 for quite a while after its release.

frelyler2615d ago

You said yourself that the Vita is much better than the 3DS, bam, argument over. The Vita does so much more than the 3DS, the only thing the 3DS has over the Vita is 3D, which by all accounts gives people headaches. If anything people will look at the 3DS and Vita, then compare specs and say for only 80 more I get 4 times the machine, not to mention a backlog of a lot of PS titles. If I were to look at another freaking Mario game and Uncharted side by side I would go with Uncharted. The only ones who would chose otherwise are younger kids and hardcore fans. Nintendo is getting stale and it's sales are reflecting that.

sarshelyam2615d ago

padrami91 has said it, just not in the right way. This price drop isn't a tactic to stay the ensuing onslaught of a competitor that has more to offer, it's to save the dismal sales of the platform amidst a handheld landscape that Nintendo really hasn't adapted to.

You can all deny the facts, but Nintendo has never marched to anything but their own drum...and ignoring handheld devices such as iOS platforms, Droid, etc., has made them lose their site. Who wants to pay $249.XX for a games only device when you can get a device that offers phone, robust internet, and applications for entertainment and productivity? I just don't see it working for Nintendo without them acknowledging they need to change the way they market their product, to whom, and at what price.

Infernostew2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Yup. This price drop is not tactical in the least bit but out of desperation. Nintendo is now reported to be taking a loss on 3DS systems and reported pretty big losses for the quarter. If anything this price drop is putting nintendo in an even tougher spot. Yes it may help sell some more units but they have to worry about the dying Wii sales and marketing the upcoming WiiU which may be out of people's price range with the 360 and PS3 getting cheaper. Brand confusion may also set in with the WiiU like it did with the 3DS. Nintendo really need to let people know by the name that the products are different and not just remodels or slight aesthetic upgrades. I have always liked nintendo and really want them to succeed and while this price drop is good for gamers, it looks like the company may be in a bit of hot water.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2615d ago

According to what I just read on NeoGaf this has put Nintendo in the red zone.

sarshelyam2615d ago

They posted a 25.5 Billion loss last quarter. THAT put them in the red, not this price drop. If anything, they hope this will renew interest and see profit lift them out of this troubling place they've put themselves into.

CrescentFang2615d ago

The only thing holding me back for a 3DS was it's price... The 3D gimmick didn't attract me nor did the original DS's dual screens or touch screen. i have a copy of Ocarina of Time 3D that I can't play lol
I guess I can hold off... I kind of want Xenoblade more (that's right more than the Last Story!)

Ethereal2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Nintendo needs games. As for the Vita, I think the features and capabilities (that we know of) will sell itself. Sony has nothing to worry about as long as they have a stellar and consistent line up of games at launch. So far it is looking very good with Uncharted, LBP, Wipeout, Hot Shots Golf.

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