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SageHonor2550d ago

Still undecided on this when it comes to being a must buy.. Hmmm

pixelsword2550d ago

It probably is, so I wouldn't worry too much in terms of quality and value but ugh; I'm still kinda ticked that they took out a faction because of the DVD on the 360. The lack of sandbox may have been a design choice because Carmack never said anything about that (I HAVE to give Carmack props for being honest; he gained a lot of respect from me, on top of the respect he already had from me). But yeah; It'll most likely be a milestone in gaming, at least in terms of graphics; but since they are doing less overall, in terms of technical achievement, that would also have to be factored in (although it most likely won't be a huge factor).

ian722549d ago

I thought it was a sandbox game, glad I read your post, now I know it isn't. DVD does seem to be the biggest factor in the making of this game.
I am still looking forward to Rage though, as every video of the game I have seen looks great.

Hanif-8762550d ago

I think Rage and Battlefield 3 will fill that FPS craving this year.

GamerSciz2550d ago

RAGE looks and sounds promising but I want to get my hands-on with an actual demo. Hopefully we will have a SP demo be released soon.

Inside_out2550d ago

What else can you say at this point...launch the thing already. :)