MediaKick - Nintendo 3DS: The Honeymoon Is Over

MediaKick: "I didn’t buy the 3DS at launch. The main reasons: the games and the price. Now, with news that worldwide price cuts will come into effect in a fortnights time, Nintendo have the price sorted out. So why will I still not buy one? The games."

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handheldwars22615d ago

This guy says nothing on the horizon but mario... lol

nemesisND1derboy2615d ago

This guy, being me, actually mentioned Luigi, Kid Icarus, Zelda, Mario and others.

Stealth2k2615d ago

And why didnt you mention tales, dr laurec, dragon quest, final fantasy, pokemon, rune factory 4, and more are also on the horizon?

Dread2615d ago


very good article. I wholly agree with your comments and predictions.

I am also tired of the same old stuff from nintendo. It seems that they are runing out of gas.

The Sony handheld looks much more promising this gen. However, I also remember people saying that the PSP would destroy the DS, and look how that turned out. SO lets see.

handheldwars22615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Allow me take ur crap apart piece by piece:

"As far as I am aware, Nintendo’s last good new IP was Pikmin." -
You're so obviously living under a rock. Nintendogs, WarioWare, Brain Age, Wii Series (You're just too afraid to count this one because it completely trashes your arguement, but get real here), Xenoblade, Paper Mario (same time as pikmin), Mario & Luigi RPGs and Golden Sun (same as time pikmin & paper mario) are all series that started since 2001.

"Where does it end? When are we going to see the next big thing from Nintendo?" -
Obviously and thankfully, never. You're just asking stupid questions now. And the next big thing is Kid Icarus Uprising! You can blindly argue (which you probably will) that its the same as the game from 86, but its definitely something disruptively new just with the same character. Also, FYI Xenoblade is an upcoming first party game for which will certainly be a huge critical success.

"With its base model launching at £230/€250, the Vita is certainly looking like a much more enticing prospect than the 3DS" Really? Seems kinda early to judge a system not released and without any games. How do u know Vita will be "launching" with all those franchises? Gimme 1 proof to back your claims and I'll send u $50. F***ing troll spreading fake BS. Also, do those ip's really seem to give "extremely strong" launch lineup compared to Nintendo franchises on 3DS? I don't think so fanboy.

"There is still room in my life for a console that can deliver an Uncharted experience comparable to a Playstation 3 on a handheld." - I think there's room for both sub-hd and PS2 quality 3D graphics in the handheld market. In your life there's room for nothing except Sony and trolling.

"As an altogether more kitted out console and a more powerful machine, there is more of a market for something that powerful than something like the 3DS. In fact, it’s altogether likely that the next iPhone will be more powerful than the 3DS, so where does that leave Nintendo?" - Have you taken your medicine today? The current and previous market trends show that more graphics and costs mean that your competitor is going to beat the pulp out of and decimate you. Just look at PS3 and PSP.

"I honestly don’t understand." - No surprise here. Moving on...

"Sure, it’s a nice bit of hardware, but what else has it got going for it really?" - Wow. You just made the stupidest statement ever. First off, you contradicted yourself. Secondly, its got Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, eshop, Netflix, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Tekken, Kingdom Hearts, Dead or Alive, Prof Layton, Ace Attorney, Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing, Metal Gear Solid and a whole lot more going for it!!

"price cut of this magnitude, a continued lack of top quality titles, and nothing but Mario on the horizon" Get out man, gtFo.


archemides5182615d ago

i agree with this guy....i want to play mario 3d, but one playthrough would be enough. i'd rather just borrow it from somebody than pay 230 for it (new price + game + tax)

silvacrest2615d ago

if you actually want someone to read your posts, your wall of text certainly wont help, i suggest a few paragraphs max

@stealth2K, i dont no why you expect him to mention all those games, a few is enough, anyone who really wants to no whats coming will do a google search anyway

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Raven_Nomad2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Well I'm lining up to get one at the new price. The article doesn't make much sense, it complains of Nintendo's lack of new IP's but then is all over the Vita, when the Vita is launching with the same IP's as they always do. Uncharted, Little Big Planet ect....

A new Mario game, Zelda OOT, Resident Evil and Luigi's Mansion are enough to prompt me to buy one.

Your talking about linking me to Zelda or Mario games when those franchises have been out since the 1980's? Of course they are going to have more games then some of these other companies.

My point was that Sony isn't really releasing the Vita with any new, exciting franchise. It's more of the same. Nintendo is Mario and Zelda and people look forward to those games. They are obviously some of the best games around and that is why people buy/play them.

nemesisND1derboy2615d ago

Actually, a Sony system has never launched with Uncharted and LittleBigPlanet.

Also, there has been 2 Uncharted games and and 3 LittleBigPlanet games.

Do you really need to be linked to a list of Mario and Zelda games?

Same response for others who have this problem with my article.

hamoor2615d ago

Comparing 20+ years old franchises with 5- years old??
it common sense that there are way more mario and zelda games.

nemesisND1derboy2615d ago

Which is one of my points. Nintendo are still churning out games and remaking games from 20 year old franchises. Where are the new IPs?

skrug2615d ago

That's the point nemesis is making, nintendo release 20 year old franchise, nothing [much] new

You have little deviants, gravity daze, mod nation racers, ruin for the ps vita, all new or relatively new ip's (modnation racer only released last year on the ps3)

not including LBP, Uncharted which are also new ip's this gen

+ indie games like sound shapes...

tiffac2615d ago

I didn't know there was a difference between a franchise being milked for 20 years to the ones being milked for 5 years. lol!

StarWolf2615d ago

"Take a good look at the 3DS lineup, remove the titles you’ve played before and tell me how compelling it really is. Not as great as you thought, is it? Now, we take on the elephant in the room – the Playstation Vita. "

"With the Vita launching with games like Uncharted, WipEout, LittleBigPlanet, Oddworld, Super Stardust Delta, Sound Shapes, Gravity Daze, Little Deviants"

lol yea buddy

Stealth2k2615d ago

The psp had an amazing launch too.

But only uncharted is a system seller out of that list/.

silvacrest2615d ago

that's not true, it all depends on the individual

Stealth2k2615d ago

It doesnt depend on the individual is the point of a system seller which is something that pushes units.

Little big planet never pushed units of the ps3 or psp upon launch. Uncharted did.

hamoor2615d ago

Early adopter here... but the launch titles were weak!
Only super street fighter iv and the rest is meh!
But now with ocarina of time 3d and all those upcoming games, I'll be a happy 3ds owner (:

MasterCornholio2615d ago

At this moment there isnt much. But Nintendo is going to release a lot of big titles this holiday season. Best bet is too wait for the price drop then buy it.

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