Criterion Launch First Windows Phone 7 Project

Following the release of the Autolog iOS App, British studio Criterion Studios has announced that you can also stay connected when on the move with Windows Phone 7 devices. The studio’s first release for the format, an adaptation of the Autolog software, is now available for download.

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Inside_out2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

I remember when Criterion was a somebody with some of the best games going in Burnout and FPS Black and their own middle-ware to boot and now, thanks to a trash pub like EA, it's all gone...making apps and gulp, NFS games. :o

Let this be a lesson to you kids out there that think the grass is greener on the other Pub never is. They will take your IP and your dignity, like what just happened to Media Molecule and give it away to someone else. Poor insomniac after YEARS of making great games, have to go solo just to try and own a piece of the pie...good luck fellas.

R.I.P Criterion...I hardly knew you. :(

On the extremely bright side, this is a nice score for M$ and the Windows 7 phone ecosystem. ;D

xtremegamerage2611d ago

?inside wtf are you on about.

Media molecule> SONY
Insomniac makes games for SONY and now multiplats.

Insomniac screwed themselves over, They changed too much from resistance1 to Resistance2 and that's why the sales never came. As for Resistance 3 it fking rocks.

Burnout was nothing special, got boring tbh, NFS are the better game.

NarooN2611d ago

I'd play Burnout 3 or Revenge any day over the trash new NFS games. The last good NFS was NFS Hot Pursuit 2.

xtremegamerage2611d ago

Best NFS was most wanted imo.