Thanks Sony, You’ve Made Nintendo Less Arrogant

GeeK Revolt writes "Everyone knew the 3DS’ price was too high—but no one expected a price cut this soon. It was shocking when an $80 one was announced this morning. Nintendo will probably claim it’s because 3DS sales are not meeting expectations, while that’s true, we all know Sony’s aggressive pricing of the PS Vita put fear in the heart of Nintendo."

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hamoor2609d ago

And THATS why competition is good for your health.

handheldwars22609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Nintendo can't handle competition. They're all set to decimate anyone questioning their handheld console domination(Sony, Apple?) with this price cut. Nintendo 3DS is already selling more than DS did in its time at a $250 price tag, so imagine what this price cut could do along with the stunning holiday lineup! It depends on the continued strong all party support for the console so its too early to predict this, but

200m lifetime sales! You read it here first :P

hamoor2609d ago

Yeah but you gotta admit that the vita price affect their decision to cut the price of the 3ds.
The vita matching the 3ds price with higher tech! Thats why the need the price cut.

anyway, if it comes to handhelds, nintendo know their stuff!

ksense2609d ago

This is a mini victory for Sony seeing how they dropped the price less than 6 months after launch. I guess they didn't want to go head to head with Vita at the same price and see who really gets the bigger market share this time around.

miyamoto2609d ago

I wonder how Nintendo fans would take it now that both 3DS and Wii U will be sold at a big loss.

NiKK_4192609d ago

@axelstone mean like every other device besides Nintendo consoles? Finally Nintendo was forced to sell at a price that suits the device... cheap.
I'm sure the Vita is still selling at an even more of a loss, though.

fuzion17c2609d ago

wow, i would have expected a drop to $199, but $80 off!? this is awesome news for both nintendo & sony handheld consumers. not so much for the companies though. hopefully we see a ps vita price drop sooner, rather than later after its release!

nikola9872609d ago


nope, sony is now prety much screwed...

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Muletroid2609d ago

that's not how it works on N4G though
from what i have seen there is a big chunk of people that wish for (insert name here) to completely disappear and only have 1 person in the market

crck2609d ago

Im pretty sure Nintendo was forced to cut price because of smartphone growth rather then a system that is months and months away.

JLeVRT2609d ago

Yea, an $80 aint a small drop. Nintendo is genuinely scared. lol

pain777pas2609d ago

Agreed. $169.99 from $249.99 is a healthy reduction. This should make things very interesting.

klecser2609d ago

Scared or making sound business decisions? We don't know their margins.

hilyou2609d ago

sonys made nintendo humble. nintendo thought sony would never beat them when the ps1 was released but sony did, which made them humble. now sonys doing the exact same thing with the vita. sonys gonna take the handheld throne after vita releases. i think that nintendo will make a really good handheld after 4 years. i think nintendo will be like sega after 10-20 years.

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Cloudberry2609d ago


Wished that Megaman Legends 3 Project still ongoing.........

pedrami912609d ago

It will happen, one way or another.

tiffac2609d ago

You getting my hopes up ^^;;

But staying on topic. Now the ball is in Sony's court since Ninty has already made their move. ;)

lizard812882609d ago

Me too, and with this, maybe we could get MML3:P for free (for those that bought it early) can dream..

MrSpace2609d ago

This is why I can't understand why they are bringing big games like Resident Evil Revealations, Resident Evil Mercenaries, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance etc as exclusives to the 3DS when they would do better and sell better on the PSV.

I mean I havent heard anything on the PSP Resident Evil which will be on the PSV now. If you have a handheld which will sell at the same price as the 3DS, has better tec and easy to develop for then why not make games for that. I think the 3DS games like Resident Evil for example should be ported to the PSV eventualy

hamoor2609d ago

I think it is pretty early to judge about what games will come to the vita.

v1c1ous2609d ago

how do you know they would do better on psv?

Rynx2609d ago

two analog sticks bro.

'nuff said

tiffac2609d ago

Add multi-touch screen and touch pad at the back. If the devs can make it work, it could make things interesting for the gamers that plays the game.

iWishTifaWasReal2609d ago

now Sony just have to follow Nintendo's step

Price Cut the Vita


ksense2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

the difference is nintendo is still probably making a profit on the hardware sold and vita is probably breaking even at 249.99 with the tech on it so I doubt Sony would cut the price any further lol.

frelyler2609d ago

I disagree. Sony has said price has been one of the driving factors for getting the vita into the market. They took a hit for the ps3 early on and idoubt they want to continue that trend. Look at the ipod. Similar shape and soon to be similar tech. They go for about 230 and you can be damn sure apple won't take a hit on the sales. I think sony will make a profit out the door. They have to change their business practices if they want to keep being a contender in he market and im sure they know it.

theonlylolking2609d ago

It costs $100 to make a 3DS. Google it if you dont believe me.

skrug2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

your comparing a MP3 player, that probably cost $100 to make...
the most expensive part in the ipod is the flash memory/screen(touchscreen).

compared to PSvita, with OLED screen (expensive), quadcore cpu, gpu, etc

I think sony is still losing money at $249. even the PSP launch was at 249(USD), and they were losing money i believe.

TreMillz2609d ago

Id say half the reason is sales and the other is because Sony matched the 3DS price. Nintendo knew 3DS cant sell more at the same price because Vita has more value then it. But man less than 6 months i see why capcom abandoned 3DS and Wii

klecser2609d ago

The value really remains to be seen. Vita is clearly a much more powerful, full-featured system but if it has the same crappy games that PSP did it doesn't matter. Is hardware quality what tanked the PSP? Nope. You can have the best gimmick in the world or the fanciest beef under the hood but software library is what determines a system's success. Wii didn't drop off because of the motion control. It dropped off because of the lack of games.

Ulf2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

"if it has the same crappy games that PSP did it doesn't matter"

Never owned a PSP, eh?

In my, and probably about 70M other people's opinions, the PSP lineup was far superior to that of the DS.

The PSP RPG lineup absolutely destroys the DS RPG lineup, even without the PS1 classics. And due to their paced & pausable gameplay style, lots of mobile gamers are RPG fans...

klecser2609d ago

What I should have said is "crappy for me". I shouldn't have generalized. Sorry, but few PSP titles appeal to me. Tactics Ogre does. But I can get tons of tactical turn-based games on DS that are just as good. If you liked the PSP, great. It's not for me. I don't want people to just buy Nintendo or just buy Sony. They should buy what is good for them which is why that it is good that there are competing handhelds. This isn't about whether one is better than the other in general. No one can make that claim. They each have advantages. It is about what is best for an individual consumer. Yet, the DS sold DOUBLE the number of units as the PSP and I think there is a reason for that. Sony game libraries (whether PSP or PS2/3) appeal to a narrower range of consumers than Nintendo libraries do. If you're in that narrow range, that's fine. I'm not, so I have no interest in a Sony anything.

jdfoster002609d ago

Have you seen the anounced games for the VITA? So far every 3rd party dev is bringing games to it! Check out the games coming to vita on IGN, GOOGLE etc.... I'm so looking forward to what Bioshock is going to be! They said it's completely a new game.

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