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Resistance 3 Online Beta gameplay PS3

Here’s a raw gameplay footage of R3 online beta gameplay (E3, PS3, Resistance 3)

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kx11  +   1529d ago
don't be afraid to say it's kinda blurry
Shaman  +   1529d ago
Thats because it runs at 960x704.
kx11  +   1529d ago
ouch , hopefully the final build will be better
zootang  +   1529d ago

It seems to work for some developers. I think gears started the trend if I remember correctly? I thought it wasn't about graphics anyway or some would lead you to believe when it is to their favour.

I know I'll be putting up the Resistance come September.
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lil Titan  +   1529d ago
cant wait to play CTF again
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Silly gameAr  +   1529d ago
Whoever is playing this needs to put down the controller and reconsider ever playing Resistance online again. I'm not one to judge someone's gaming performance, but damn.
Takoulya  +   1529d ago
I was thinking the exact same thing. Someone needs to remind the guy that they're not playing Fallout 3; time's not going to stop for you to aim and shoot -_-
Blaze929  +   1529d ago
Wow it's a beta - game isn't even out yet and it's probably the person's first time playing R3 or a resistance game period. Take it easy and unless you can show your skills, I wouldn't be one to talk. This isn't a skillrun video. I'd probably he just as bad my first time playing this
Silly gameAr  +   1529d ago
Blaze, I'm saying. If I'm going to make a video and post it on the nets for everyone to see, I would get more familiar with the game, and actually show people the guns that are available and test the secondary fire and different abilities that are in the beta .
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Blaze929  +   1529d ago
true true.
Imikida  +   1526d ago
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hamoor  +   1529d ago
It looks like the MP will be damn good!
Just I hope they exceed FOM campaign "cross fingers"
user8397144  +   1529d ago
The beta is awesome man. Definitely up there with CoD and battlefield. I been playing the beta non stop.
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dgonza40  +   1528d ago
lucky monkey
user8397144  +   1529d ago
Loving the beta . It brings back some Resistance 1 play with CoD killstreaks. Im hoping now for a multiplayer mode similar to CoD zombies.
StarWolf  +   1529d ago
wow didnt expect this to play this good. I saw another video with a guy camping in cloak in a corner and a bunch of grenade launchers with bubble shields. This video makes me want to pre-order it
rew182  +   1529d ago
I thought the beta didn't start till August 5th for early beta access. Is this the friends and family beta or is it up?
El-Fenemeno1213  +   1529d ago
i guess you can call it that. Its naturally the closed beta. And this user violated the terms of agreement. And sucks
joydestroy  +   1529d ago
yeah it still says Aug 5th
BeaArthur  +   1529d ago
Yeah this is friends and family. It's hard to find matches.
SageHonor  +   1529d ago
Has this guy ever heard of aiming down the sights????
rajman  +   1529d ago
This is how he should have played: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Imikida  +   1526d ago
lmao, I clicked on it and skipped to a random part and just see you getting tripled teamed.
Calm Down Sunshine  +   1529d ago
Goodness me, my cat could do better than that, and he was run over 6 years ago..
hesido  +   1529d ago
I must admit, I HATE the lack of head-bob. They at least include it while running, but there should at least be a slight head-bob when walking, it looks and feels much nicer that way. It seems like a floating gun, like this, or as if you are on a hovercraft.

I hope they make it optional to have it. (I'm sure there are people who don't like head-bob, tho)
Lazy_Sunday  +   1529d ago
Agreed, the game still feels like RFOM--which is good, but head bob has evolved since 2006. I want Resistance 3 to improve upon what made RFOM so great, and to do that, it needs to add head bob. SRSLY.
Loko23  +   1529d ago
Resistance 3 is all about it story to me, the multiplayer looks a little to generic
theonlylolking  +   1529d ago
What is generic about it? Resistance has had this style of online and gameplay since 2006. At that time most FPS were WW2. Even now the only game that comes close to resistance style is halo.

For all of you complaining about graphics. Well insomniac works on graphics last. So expect the full game to look way better than this. That video batista gave a link to has great graphics and the game is still not finished!

If ya'll want to troll about graphics go to a RAGE or COD article.
Loko23  +   1529d ago
Im not saying anything about the graphics, indeed it looks pretty awesome to me, with generic i mean that for the videos it looks that your only a floating weapon. Theres is no head bob, you can't see your legs like in Killzone 3, you can't see your shadow like some other FPS, this looks just like a new Quake or UT
DrFUD  +   1529d ago
The chimera look stupid.
Everything else looks cool.
Which makes the Chimera look even more stupid
El-Fenemeno1213  +   1529d ago
Intelligent comment /sarcasm
Jac5al  +   1529d ago
I need a beta code now!!
Supman  +   1529d ago
Game = awesome
guy who played game in this video = sucks
xtremegamerage  +   1529d ago
You know what's funny.

People going on about graphics, this game has much better particle fx then BF3.

That's what insomniac are going for.
jwatt  +   1529d ago
Yeah I don't know what people are looking at but the graphics look better than a lot of games coming out this year.
dgonza40  +   1528d ago
What's important is it looking better than the previous resistance games (if we're talking about graphics)

Gameplay will always be #1 for any game
abczby  +   1527d ago
They definitely look good.
But better than Battlefield 3...? Common now. Lets get serious here.
Imikida  +   1526d ago
Yea, does it really matter how good that graphics are? I mean its nice to have a good looking game, but as long as a games fun or interesting its should be fine. Plus, the graphics are pretty good I don't see what people are complaining about.
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HAF912  +   1529d ago
Its sad to see both killzone 3 and resistance 3 adapt CODs arcadey point system.
StarWolf  +   1529d ago
SoapShoes  +   1529d ago
Oh hush up, the game plays completely different from COD.
Dlacy13g  +   1529d ago
^he is talking about the points popping up over their head for kills, etc...
MidnytRain  +   1529d ago

I don't see why that's a problem. Think about: people are now complaining about where points appear on the screen. We shouldn't care.
Holeran  +   1529d ago
I have to say that I honestly like the point pop up in multiplayer mode.
HAF912  +   1529d ago
you and millions others as indicated by call of duty sales.

my point was that killzone and resistance are unique in their own ways and didnt need this feature to be copied from COD.
crematory  +   1529d ago
please dont post videos for people never play shooters before
how i wish i have pvr hd:(
Dead_Cell  +   1529d ago
I watched a video that was posted on the MAG forums, some well known player within the Community was showing up on the killfeed while the recorder was playing.

And I have to say, the graphics are so, SO much better than this.
HAF912  +   1529d ago
if you bought the game and played it you wouldnt say that.

but mag is not about graphics its about gameplay.
SoapShoes  +   1529d ago
^ He's talking about R3....
Dlacy13g  +   1529d ago
As for the video... Looks good enough but I fear this title will get lost in the onslaught of MW3 and BF3. There is some major shooter competition for them. RE3's saving grace may be that its "sci-fi" so it may get fans of the genre to look its way over the other shooters.
spektical  +   1529d ago
i stopped watching after 2 minutes.. this guy clearly has no clue whats going on.
Inzo  +   1529d ago
Modern what......?
PROJECTbadass  +   1529d ago
i dont get what people see here??? this mp does not look like its anything special. i will rent and play the campaign, but this mp looks boring as watching grass grow. this game looks to be no different that the 50 other fps games out there.
CanadianTurtle  +   1529d ago
Wow, every time a new R3 video comes out, people can't help but talk shit. This game looks amazing. Day 1 buy!
maxmill  +   1529d ago
this clearly shows how overrated KZ's gfx are, this game looks good but this dude sux
Oldman100  +   1529d ago
The multiplayer looks pretty generic to be honest. Almost every multiplayer fps feels the same these days. Where's the innovation? I miss the good old days where we didn't need sprint, killstreaks, hitmarkers, ironsights etc.
fabiani  +   1528d ago
well u wont find those kind of weapons in a generic game.imagine if u through a bullseye or a auger to a player in cod or halo or even ut ud be unstoppable.
fabiani  +   1528d ago
no shooter could handel wat r3 delivers.ive played everythin out there wen it comes to shooters.u cant deny
abczby  +   1527d ago
Two people killing each other at the same time with no explosives involved....
That's never a good sign...
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