Nintendo blames 'lack of hit titles' for bad 3DS sales

In explaining the short-term failure of the 3DS to investors, Nintendo has looked to blame a lack of ‘hit titles’. During the most recent quarter ending June 2011, Nintendo noted that they had few other ‘hit titles’ than the new Legend of Zelda game in 3D. They then said this resulted in poor 3DS hardware and software sales.

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pedrami912609d ago

i think the price was also a factor but that has been remedied since the price drop.

Misterhbk2609d ago

It wasn't the titles nintendo, it was the price and that 80 dollar cut you just announced says you know it was the price too. Otherwise, just leave it as so until the games hit right?

jeseth2609d ago

SO Nintendo?

Who's fault is it that you didn't have enough hit titles?

oli2609d ago

i also believe it was the bad propaganda on 3D, people will believe anything these days, and it may be true that its bad for one, but what isnt bad for one these days?

jagstatboy2609d ago

It was the titles too. Other than SFIV what else was there at launch? Crap, that's what. And still, all we have are Zelda (a remake) and a lame RE game.

Micro_Sony2609d ago

3D is meh and will always be a gimmick.

Avatar was ok in 3D but every thing that came after that is taked on to the movies.

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callahan092609d ago

As do I blame the lack of a compelling library for the poor sales as well. 170 is a compelling price for the hardware, but without games, hardware is useless, and right now the only games that have any value to me at all on the 3DS are remakes or ports of games I've already played, so that just won't cut it.

MrSpace2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I think it was kind of the name aswell....I mean the 3DS, us core gamers know that the 3DS counts as Nintendos next gen handheld but the casual audience who dosen't follow game related news won't know about it, they'll just think "Oh another DS upgrade with 3D, I've just got a DSiXL, I'll hang on to this" not knowing like us that the 3DS has better graphics and other features.

Nintendo should of seperated there next gen handheld from the DS series. It's like the Wii U, will the causal audience buy it or will they just hang onto there Wii's thinking an "upgrade" is not worth it when there Wii is fine.

Buff10442609d ago

Absolutely. Terrible name.

AWBrawler2609d ago

this holiday should be interesting

TheTwelve2609d ago

Why can't people give the consumers more credit for their intelligence; they knew it wasn't worth $250

zerocrossing2609d ago

Exactly, On top of that what was there worth buying at launch? I had my chance to get one but made the wise choice to wait for the price to drop and get it when some good games come out.

oli2609d ago

i'm still not buying it, i'm going to wait until a slimmer version comes out

tiffac2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Of course it wasn't worth $250 when the 3DS was opened up the parts inside was worth less than $200 (maybe even less)

slavish32609d ago

didn't nintendo choice the launch date? didn't they know when developers were going to be ready to launch quality games? they knew the world economy wasn't going to be great? This equals bad management plain and simple

fluffydelusions2609d ago

I don't think the launch date was as much of an issue as the lack of launch titles.

skrug2609d ago

If they launched it later there would be more games....

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