Rely on Horror: Limbo (PSN) Review

A work of art. That’s exactly what Playdead has crafted with the release of Limbo. The game is a little over a year old, being originally released on XBLA, and now available for PSN users. It takes everything you know about a classic side-scrolling platformer and turns it into something simple and quite deep. How can a game such as this provide a deep experience? Well, let’s just say that even after a full year players are still discussing the ending, sharing their own interpretations of it. That’s how you know you’ve made something worthy of much praise. But why is Limbo so special? Find out in our official review of the PSN port.

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Arthas2608d ago

Just finished this game in about 3 hours. Not worth the 15$ asking price. Good puzzle platformer though.

KwietStorm2608d ago

Damn I keep hearing that 3 hour mark. I also hear how great it is, but I don't feel like paying 15 for such a short single player game.

Ult iMate2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I enjoyed every second of these 3 hours, because the game is brilliant. But yes - $15 is a little too much. There are games that more worthy $15. I suggest you buy something else (the Outland is good and has a solid playlenght, or Beyond Good & Evil HD) and wait for pricecut or Steam release.

MintBerryCrunch2608d ago

i thought it was on sale if you have PS+

guess i heard wrong

JellyJelly2608d ago

To be fair, Pixeljunk Shooter wasn't much longer and I think both games are worth picking up.

Arthas2608d ago

It is on sale for 11$ I think on ps+. Get it while u can.

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MaximusPrime2608d ago

Thought that might be the case. I only played the trial version and really enjoyed it. It's cleverly made.

Unfortunately I didn't buy it because I didnt update my cc details or buy new PSN card to add funds. I wasn't sure if I wanted to waste my money on that game. Now you said that it took you 3 hours, I decided to wait till price decreases or become free.

firemassacre2608d ago

it was good, i just didnt like that there was no color.

Arthas2608d ago

The lack of color and music is what gives it it's atmosphere. Kind of a nessecity to create the feel it gives.