Why Nintendo’s 3DS price drop and free game offer keeps them one step ahead

We discuss how the recent announcement from Nintendo of the 3DS price drop and access to free games keeps them ahead of the competition.

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TomInc2403d ago

If anything I'm just glad that I never caved and bought virtual consile titles!

ionicmoose2403d ago

Why? None of the games they'll be giving us are available yet?

Unless you just mean that you'll have too much to play once they give us 10 NES and 10 GBA games to plow through :P

TomInc2403d ago

Too much to play through once they let you download :) will be a nice tie over till starfox though!

Pikajew2403d ago

Being Nintendo makes them 10 steps a head alone and all the exclusives make them 50 steps a head for each game.

PlayerX2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Simply Amazing.

Raendom2403d ago

People keep saying that Mario Kart is a system seller... Is it? I had a Wii, around 2 or 3 yeara after it launched and only got it because of Metroid... Are casual console owners only in it for mario? Aren't they more concerned with their kinects now?

DNAbro2403d ago

considering mario kart is the best selling wii game next to wii sports and one of the best selling DS games, yes mario kart is a huge system seller.

Muletroid2403d ago

mario kart on wii and DS sold like over 20 million each

i don't know what's considered a system seller now a days but that sounds like a system seller

Kee2403d ago

Until pokemon comes out I'm not interested in a 3DS.

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The story is too old to be commented.