ArmA 3 vs. Real Life: A Photo Comparison

ArmA 3 takes a Greek island called Lemnos as it's setting this time around, but how accurate is it's portrayal of the island? The results are quite surprising.

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lociefer2402d ago

real life has lower res textures and no blur effect :P

Solid_Snake-2402d ago

looks great. does that mean if people are from that part of greece they gonna have an advantage lol.

also i love it when people say id love to play would be slotted in the head within minutes and say wheres teh ninja pro.

remember team stay low...stay covered.....STAY ALIVE.

iamnsuperman2402d ago

Jaw has dropped. This is the game that makes me want a gaming pc.

Takoulya2397d ago

Get one; it's worth it.

tricotronic2402d ago

it's not real life! it's google map!
so what?

hamoor2402d ago

......and google maps take pictures from...uh....REAL LIFE!

iamnsuperman2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Granted google maps is not great about showing the relief of the land but it does show everything else quite well

evrfighter2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

The kicker is all those factories you'll be able to travel to.

Pretty much wherever you see land you can go to.

Not the most intense game as its a sim. But theres a certain feeling of adrenaline when you pack 3 blackhawks full of players and your on your on your way to retake a city packed to the brim with armor. You see the lead blackhawk start trailing smoke and as if on cue mass parachutes being deployed.

xTHRASHx2402d ago

I am more struck at the accuracy of the roads and rivers. The first picture is incredible in that regard.

NAGNEWS2402d ago

look like nathan drake to me