Xboxer360: Captain America: Super Soldier Review

Xboxer360's Richard Berry writes: The world of cinema is Marvel crazy at the moment. The imminent release of The Avengers means that there are plenty of Marvel superhero films on offer as cinema goers are introduced to each member of the Avengers. This has had a knock on effect to gamers as our world has become flooded with Marvel movie-ties which aren’t particularly any good, Thor anyone? Having a newborn in the house has seen my gaming take a more casual turn and so when Captain America dropped through my door I was actually quite excited to play it, not only because it is doubtful that I will be able to get to the cinema anytime soon or because the game is in 3D, but because I’ve found of late casual games can be good now and again as a brain number, then again it is a movie tie-in!

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