Golden4Games: I Am Alive first look

Chicago, June 2009. A 10.3 magnitude earthquake destroys the city and shatters your life as an ordinary citizen. As the rescue mysteriously fails to arrive, you are trapped in an environmental and social chaos that gets worse by the hour. Your only way out is to set up a massive refugee camp to hopefully attract rescue's attention. You will need to find resources and organize survivors to create your headquarters. In the midst of Chicago’s ruins, you’ll have to both preserve and sacrifice in order to survive during 7 days. Rescue, heal, protect, kill, ambush or steal. But first, try staying alive. It could happen to you, so ask yourself: what would you do?

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gaden_malak2544d ago

Isn't this vapourware at the moment?

CZUM2544d ago

LOL! What's is this?! This news" (look at source link) is from JANUARY and it's says "At the end of the video we know that the game will be released in the spring of this year."

C'mon guys - moderate.