Breaking Leaks - Diablo III Beta Starts On August 15th

DSOGaming writes: "Although the NDA about Diablo 3′s latest news will be lifted in a few days, a user decided to leak almost everything on his Twitter. That particular person participated in Blizzard's Press Event that was held yesterday and revealed that the much anticipated beta of Diablo III will begin on August 15th."

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noxeven2576d ago

cool we shall see if its true

divideby02575d ago

BF3, D3 and Planetside are going to make me upgrade my PC rig this year and return to the world of PC gamming

64 online in BF3...will rock

Letros2575d ago

Not to mention Red Orchestra 2, FireFall, Star Wars: TOR, Trackmania 2, and DotA 2, just to name a few :-P

OcularVision2575d ago

Yes! I won't have to miss classes for it!

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