Wii U 'Unlikely' To Bring Forward Xbox 720, PS4 - Analyst

NowGamer: EEDAR's Jesse Divnich thinks next-gen consoles are still on course for 2013

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Wizziokid2576d ago

it depends on how threatened MS and SONY feel from the Wii U.

but at the same time if they wait a couple of years people will have got past the new console craze with the Wii U and see that the two new true next gen consoles are the next step. it wont hurt them to wait a couple of years imo. as long as they make the wanted jump to next gen they will be fine. but then it will lead to the war between MS and Sony again.

Seferoth752576d ago

"Two new true next gen consoles." That statement couldnt be more ignorant....Obviously 360 and PS3 offer very little for you as whatever kind of gamer you pretend to be since you seem more interested in spreading your bias ignorance in every Wii u article..

If you ask yourself this question "Which would i rather do, play some games or spend my time whining about something I'll never own." and you choose to do the later then I'd seriously question your status as a gamer of any kind.

MintBerryCrunch2576d ago

both Sony and MS will change their strategies when it comes to new consoles if the Wii U becomes a phenomenon like the Wii, the controller looks like an Ipad and people ate that up, all of this hinges on how Nintendo will market the system, they did a pretty damn good job with the Wii connecting the casual crowd and getting them on board, we will see what their strategy for the Wii U will be, having their top selling franchises and some 3rd party devs on board when it launches will only make it more appealing to not only the casual crowd, but core gamers who would be intrigued by an HD Nintendo console

pedrami912576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

We dont even know it's actual specs and we've barely seen what it's capable of so it's all speculation anyway.

In my opinion, i think Sony will do the same thing as they did with the PS Vita, reveal at the Playstation meeting 2012 in January and release it Q1 2013.

In fact, i believe it'll be almost a repeat of this gen with MS being next one to reveal their Next gen plans and Sony releasing theirs last.

nopunctuation2576d ago

2013 is when the 8th gen begins. WII P will see it in 2020.

TimmyShire2576d ago

You mean Wii U And Me? :P

Ness-Psi2576d ago

More like Wii U and Me and the Dog?

Shackdaddy8362575d ago

Actually 2017 or 2018. Nintendo does a 5-6 year console cycle.

skyward2576d ago

2013 is a solid guess - exhaust the currently announced games schedule, then move on

fastrez2576d ago

Xbox 720 for an E3 2012 reveal, Halo 4 announced as launch title.

No need for a new PlayStation yet. They still haven't fully explored what it's capable of yet.

ZETTA2576d ago

its funny how PS3 fanboys think the PS3 has more power left....

the PS3 simply cant! it is massively bottlenecked by the crap amount of RAM it has and other factors that the xbox 360 suffers as well.

ROFL thats like trying to squeze more power out of a nvidia Geforce 7900GTX for today's standards.

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The story is too old to be commented.