PS vita RAM cut won't hurt studios - Novarama

'The first PSP had 32 MG of RAM and we have about ten times that now’, says studio boss ...


Sony source: PS Vita RAM not cut


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pedrami912551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

That's about more than double as much ram as the 3DS.

Ten times that now ? is saying we "10 times more ram" after it's cut or has it been lowered to 256 MB ?

Well, we also got to count the VRAM which makes it 256 MB RAM + 128 MB VRAM = 384 MB

Nate-Dog2551d ago

From what I can tell they meant that the initial specs that were sent out (to devs) had a certain amount which has since been cut, but even with the cut it still has about 10 times more RAM than the PSP so it still should be around the 300+ mark.

Ddouble2551d ago

Yea it sounds like enough for it to be future proof.

matey2551d ago

3ds has 128mb which is enough the vita has twice the 3ds just like the 360 has twice the ps3 did that change much no what ever sony just try and get games out the door that have 60fps considering u dont have 3D like 3DS and even that console can do 60fps on Mariokart/Luigis mansion/Super mario ect and even games like tekken in full 3D with 60fps is pure bliss

Raendom2551d ago

They have uncharted (1) essentially running on it with complex shaders, good resolution (for a handheld) and lots of high-poly models/environments. Clearly they're doing great optimiziation for it, and who cares if the graphics suck from other 3rd parties? TWO ANALOGUE STICKS BABEE

NukaCola2551d ago

Yeah, and Uncharted Golden Abyss is gen one, day one...already looking like the best handheld game ever made. Imagine two years from now, what it will do.

JsonHenry2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

My cell phone (Droid 3) has more system RAM than that..

StbI9902551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Soooo, no 512? fck the vita, and fck u sony, now I wont be buying bullshit if aint got 512 minimum, waiting for the revision now , same for 3DS...

Gotta lay with an ihpone 5 then or whatever android coming next holiday from sangsum.

JsonHenry2551d ago

Lol, love the disagrees over cold hard facts. My droid 3 has more ram. don't believe me? look it up!

Pedobear Rocks2551d ago

Consoles do not need near as much ram as a computer (smartphone) do. See games running of PS3 and try and run those in 512MB on a computer...the OS gets in the way.

ABizzel12551d ago

I don't understand this. Sony never stated how much RAM they were going to have, but seriously is 512MB of RAM that expensive? Is it really pushing the Vita's price point that high to where they had to settle for 320MB or less.

"About 10x more." When used in an instance such as this about generally means almost.

My guess is it has 256MB of system RAM, and 32MB - 64MB VRAM.

Just put in the 512MB, developers have stated over and over again that they want MORE RAM.

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MasterCornholio2551d ago

I dont know if i should be worried or happy. But i guess 320GB of ram is more than enough for a dedicated gamming handheld it certainly is a lot more than the 3DS. I just wish sony would announce the official specs for the game. But what i am happy about are the reports on battery life they seem to be quite positive. I am expecting around 8 hours which is quite good for a handheld as powerful as the Vita.

Im still worried about the ram though. Because i am not sure if all the great titles we saw were based off the old specs or the new ones with the downgraded ram.

MasterCornholio2551d ago

whoops i mean MB not GB. LOL

Anyways i hope they didnt hurt the Vita much by lowering the ram. I thought sony said the ram reduction was false but i guess they were not telling the truth. Or maybe they meant in their comment that the reduction would not be very big.

Anyways if they can still Pull off Golden Abyss even with a ram reduction then i am not very worried for the Vita.

fooxy2551d ago

32 MG ? What kinda idiot writes those articles ?

disturbing_flame2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

For me it's not a good news, i precise it just concerns my preferences.

Games on Vita could have been really better with more RAM.
Actually they are going to be great but not as if they were realeased on the original model.

Si-Fly2551d ago

Ram is so cheap, why don't they stuff 2gb in the thing and be done with it?

Eu2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

People need to learn that the ram in specialized devices arent the same as the OEM ram sticks we buy to PCs...these are very customized (size, speed,tdp and such) ram that are made in a way to produce as much as they can with the lowest failure rate possible.

"Oh, they buy it in set its cheaper!!" - NOT ALWAYS! The more specialized it is the cheaper it isnt.

And, just to put it here:
Whats cheaper? sets of 10kk units of ram, the type we buy to PC, that are made with a around 5-6% failure ratio or sets of 1kk with 1-2% failure ratio?? Because these people dont buy what the manufactures have in stock, they send ORDERS to manufacture said lots to assemble said lots, to attend a set extremely customized ram isnt that cheap AT ALL.

I just remembered...when they make the final specs, they are making a contract with someone to keep making a standart set of time passes, those get obsolete....and so, to maintain such old specs, the price of manufacture rises...weird huhg...try and see the price of DDR2 ram these day...since they became rare, their prices gonne up...yeah, some tech dont get cheaper when they get old, they actually get pricier...who knew....

Si-Fly2551d ago

So i was somewhat blasé with my 2gb comment, shoot me. The point is my phone has 512mb of ram and is a year old, you're telling me that you're happy with a dedicated handheld gaming device only having 320mb? Get your head out of Sonys butt.

joeorc2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

"So i was somewhat blasé with my 2gb comment, shoot me. The point is my phone has 512mb of ram and is a year old, you're telling me that you're happy with a dedicated handheld gaming device only having 320mb? Get your head out of Sonys butt."

the Vita is not a Smartphone!
the point is it has much lower OS overhead, an another thing is Again Sony never stated how much ram would be in the PSVita to the Public an for the fact that PSP has 32Mb worth of system ram but also includes 4 Mb of MIPS GPU ram. an look what already it was able to attain with specs like those 2 core's one MIPS 333 Mhz for CPU an one MIPS core 333Mhz for GPU.

an the PSVita not only dwarfs those specs by a mile but also is quite capable to use the exact same shader models that both the xbox360 an the PS3 uses.

would you want the hand held to be @$350.00?

i mean that's like asking for another 128 Mb of ram the entire system ram that the 3DS has on top of what May come on the PSVita along with the already 2 times the system ram that's already in the machine as is.

Eu2551d ago


Thats me being educated and reasonable, and not on Sony's butt, as you said. People wanting more ram are the same that would be piting forks if the price was above a bunch of hypocrites in my book. This is a multibillion dollar business, with just as much invested in tech and development in it, where the companies do what is intellingent business, not fanboy business..but it happens.....

So keep yours out of wherever you put it in.

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