Bulletstorm didn't sell well? Good.

Critical Gamer's Ian D explains why he thinks that Bulletstorm's failure is a victory for consumers, and how it has restored his faith (a little) in the games-buying public at large.

Fans of Bulletstorm or Cliffy B, look away now...

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Echo3072548d ago

Bit of a flawed argument, IMO. The article basically reads like "I'm glad it didn't sell because I didn't like it."

Regardless of whether I like something or not, if a lot of other gamers like it and it achieves critical success, I've got no interest in seeing it fail. People enjoyed it, who would I be to say I'm glad it failed just because of my own personal taste?

Author also puts some kind of fault on Cliffy B being involved in the game's marketing, stating that if the game is good enough, it should sell. Very wrong, IMO. Marketing means everything these days, especially in such a crowded market. Good games like Singularity, Enslaved, Split/Second and more have failed at retail due to marketing. Not only will we likely not see sequels because of it, but a lot of developers lost their jobs.

He also makes a comment about gamers being mature enough to see through some of the juvenile themes Bulletstorm carries. To that I say, Duke Nukem says hello.

The piece itself is well written and I respect the author's opinions, but I certainly disagree with the overall message. And to be clear, I don't consider Bulletstorm a failure. I believe it's still on track to top 4 million units by the end of 2011.

modesign2547d ago

you think singularity was good. haha lol.

duke nukem failed also so dont try to defend bulletstorm with duke nukem, you just turn out to be a noob.

Bulletstorm was something new from epic but it turned out to be the same old, if epic made a football game, it would smell like gears, taste like unreal tournament, and play like any title they made, making it generic and derivative.

zootang2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I think the sole reason why people didn't buy it was because and I'm glad to say, people don't like to kill for style. Big sellers always have the focal point on you saving or redeeming something.

sobekflakmonkey2547d ago


You used "Haha" and "lol" right next to one another...that's really all that needs to be said.


Play Bulletstorm, it kinda sounds like you haven't it's more than just killing for style there's actually an alright story line, and the dialogue is not as bad as the article implies, neither is the voice acting, I was surprised with the game, I personally think the only reason this game did bad was because of immaturity, and no, not that of the developers or the game, I mean the gaming community itself, people saw it and said "Aww jeez, man, oh man, god, I want a hokey story line pleez where I save the world and be awesome and stuffz"

Well I say this game got a bad wrap right from the get go, ever since it was shown people have been shitting all over it, I say don't listen to these articles, go play these games for yourself, I did, and I found myself enjoying Bulletstorm quite a bit.

wallis2547d ago

Trust me, compared to his well put together and thoughtful comment its your who looks like the noob.

Bulletstorm was a good game but what was good was all "people can fly". What sucked was epic.

Incredible level design, beautiful art direction, huge setpieces, great understanding of scale, fun combat, great guns - people can fly.

Warped body proportions, bizarre and horribly out of place waist high cover, that brown weird laminated unreal engine 3 look, regenerating health, half finished story, ridiculous marketing campaign - epic games.

I really hope people can fly do their own thing after bullet storm and as much as I thought the game was okay, not great, it still stands out next to games like batman AA, as examples of incredible art direction. The world design of bulletstorm was exceptionally beautiful, it's such a shame you spent most of it running to (inexplicably present) pieces of waist high cover.

evrfighter2547d ago

I played it really dull. If anything its a just a reality check for cliffy. That anything he touches is not gold.

blakstarz2547d ago

Singularity was and still is a damn good game.....shame it didn't get the attention it deserved.

showtimefolks2547d ago

bought it for 40 bucks i think and i don't think it was worth even 40 bucks.

It was a fun game that will get a sequel because well it sold well enough

but a game with 7-8 hrs story which isn't even that good and online is not good at all why is that game selling for 60 is beyond me

everything epic has a gears feel to it with large characters and a story which is very hard to follow

after all that negative i can say one thing about bulletstorm it is that it was a lot of fun and maybe some times a 40 bucks game is only gonna last you 8 hrs but it will be fun 8hrs

mendicant2547d ago


I wish there was an option to give someone two bubbs and an agree. Your comment was spot on. Well said.

Sub4Dis2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

singularity was a bioshock clone and it sucked.

@showtimefolks: did you think uncharted 1 was worth 60 dollars? that's a 5-6 hour game with NO multiplayer.

Kurt Russell2547d ago

I ordered this game today. Just didn't think it was worth the money it was asking at release... I thought the demo was a giggle but the fun might be short lived, so held on.

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HAF9122547d ago

that wasnt his argument at all. re-read the article if you didnt understand.

he is basically saying the game failed because it wasnt good enough, not because gamers arent willing to try something new.

Childish, immature, etc.. Epic thought their fans were low class people who appreciate toilet humor. Guess thats not a correct assumption.

this is a win for gamers.

suicidalblues2547d ago

I'd like to take all the users that thought this game was good and give them an IQ test. Triple digit scores would be few and far between I'd reckon.

wallis2547d ago

I liked bulletstorm and there's nothing wrong with it. It was fun and silly and wasn't meant to be some grand statement. It's not meant to have any reflection on the people who enjoy it. Have you read some of chaucers work, or the revengers tragedy?

Silly pieces of fun for their time that were regardlessly written by very skilled authors.

If you seriously think the games industry is no place for fun, and that all of us folks who like the odd game that's immature and just likes to be silly are by affiliation, silly and immature then I actually doubt whether it's your IQ that ventures into triple digits.

2547d ago
Parasyte2547d ago

I got his meaning in the article, but it was the way it was written that I have problem with.

The author wrote the article as if he were some high-brow, hyper-intelligent, uber-sophisticated guy that takes games way too seriously.

He came off as extremely arrogant and a little insulting.

Not everyone has to enjoy games that have deep and meaningful storylines. Stupid humor is good every now and again.

mastiffchild2547d ago

Bulletstorm failed for a few OBVIOUS reasons. firstly, Epic fans (on console)are largely Gears or UT fans who like their MP-and here there was none and on either platform there's little need for a SP shooter with no MP AND little replay value in and of itself. Vanquish, though TPS, was better suited to time and score attack modes to compete with mates etc and B'storm wasn't because it's core mechanic, killing with skill, usually meant needing the enemies in groups and the game gave you NO way of rounding them up and, naturally, they didn't WANT to do it for you. In a way that bordered on broken as the AI wasn't good enough, friendly or otherwise, to make plain fighting the game a challenge.

Then you have an over saturated market and Killzone3 coming out on PS3 around the same time, and Socom4, which left little room for PS3 shooter fans(who probably like some MP on their FPS/TPS games anyway)and Bulletstorm to get acquainted.

On 360, with MORE Epic fans the game still stalled because of the same kind of things with lack of MP being massive and, also, if you pay for Live you want games that make USE of it too. Hence the game's biggest potential selling point-the beta key for Gears3. Well, it COULD have sold them a few copies IF you didn't get a key with a preorder of Gears3 which anyone who cared had already done and got(an if you wanted you could even CANCEL the preorder and get your cash back after the key issuing! It definitely didn't work like Crackdown and the H3 beta keys as a result.

The one thing Bulletstorm CANNOT say is that it wasn't marketed:Cliffy was begging anyone who'd listen to buy it and ads were all over the net and all over the UK and US magazine and press pages too-even saw plenty on TV FFS-they PUSHED this game and it still sold even with Epic and PCF's pedigree because it didn't offer what shooter fans want and that's loads of co-op, horde modes and MP Vs modes and was just plain weak as a score attack game, as a story and didn't even do it's dick jokes as well as SotD!

Evenb the artstyle , which WAS different, seemed a reaction to the over grey world of Gears et al, like Epic were mindful of that criticism of their blockbuster but ot enough was made of some tasty environments and what WAs good was wasted.

I can see why some people, bright and dim alike, would find the game fun but for me it fell short for what it was AND for it's genre and for t's feature set which lacked any value-also, on PS3 they offered no incentive anything LIKE the Gears keys for 360 owners so why would anyone choose a new IP which seemed more aimed at the "other" console with better exclusives around and no bribe?Consider, too, it's massive step down in class from Painkiller by PCF and it gets clear that it wasn't ever selling to anyone on PS3 and sans MP and the same went for 360.

A mix of a game with no lasting appeal(even for those who liked the humour and idea of skill kills)cos of no MP and a core mechanic/AI set up that berged on making it broken for high score chases. Aslo,just better value shooters around EVERYWHERE and Epic would have been better off allowing PCF to make something more akin to P'killer, imho. I like games to do something new but all this had that was novel was the skill kills and I've stated my issue there-that aside, I guess, it was colourful, which i liked, but it's hardly enough to compete in the FPS/shooter world today.

Nothing, imho, to do with gamers being too bright or discerning for the low brow humour and plain to do with it being a weak package compared to the value and features offered by other shooters. THAT'S why it failed and not cos of any amazing trend of dick gag hating gamers today. Though as SotD failed sales wise too...

REALgamer2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I'm currently doing a research PhD (doctorate), and I enjoyed BulletStorm.

Sometimes games don't have to be incredibly intellectual, philosophical or a cultural commentary to be fun. I also enjoy Mario, Crackdown, Serious Sam and many other games that do not typically challenge intellect.

While I enjoy games like Heavy Rain and Anno 1404, stating that players should only enjoy certain types of games based on their age or IQ is misguided.

Not every movie needs to be Gran Torino. Sometimes you just want to switch off, kick back and watch some Die Hard.

TheDivine2547d ago


Id like to dee ur iq score going around insulting people for not conforming to your ignorant opinions. Some people may not like bulletstorm but even so it was solid gameplay, good graphics, and had that arcade score gameplay. I loved it, it was fun and funny as hell, a duke nukem for 2011. Thats like me saying resistance is stupid and anyone who likes it is a dumba** because there are much better fps out there. Different strokes, no need to be a jackass.

wicko2547d ago


Well you can join the article's author on the Internet's list of people who shouldn't talk anymore.

Saladfax2547d ago

We must live in a terribly sad world if people think that Gears of Toilet Humor is some kind of paragon of unique ideas in the games industry.

This is not a judgment on the game itself, but the most it had going for it was a unique-ish combat system which was at worst repetitive and at best an already used notion done particularly well. Even so, the gameplay doesn't really have that frantic speed and chaos of the games it's trying to be like (Painkiller, Serious Sam, Duke Nukem), so it's not exactly scoring megapoints there either.

For me personally, I'll actually suffer through mediocre gameplay for a good story, but I'm really not fond of the vice versa of that. The script seems to be trying epic drama and dark comedy at the same time, but doing neither with much success.

Blah, anyway... the tl;dr is that Bulletstorm doesn't really qualify as one of those innovative, "different" games which break the mold of mainstream. It sort of hovers on the edges of it but, unlike what CliffyB would have loved, is never really all that amazing and thus cannot stand on its own merit.

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Tommykrem2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

There's a bit more to it than personal taste. Tbe writer thinks it's good that Bulletstorm failed becaus the game, in his opinion, is bad for the industry. And sure enough, if this was to become the standard in storytelling in the gaming universe, then gaming as an artform and as a way to tell stories would be set back 30 years. However, there hasn't been that many immature shooters lately, so we can always make place for one or two as a breather between all the "realistic warfare" titles. But as you said, it's not really that much of a failure, especially not for a new franchise.

Tyre2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

i agree with Echo307 and Wallis, I had a blast playing Bulletstorm and keep coming back to it, it's pure fun and the demo was wrong and an ill representation of the entire game, they should have put out the beginning of the campaign as a demo. U could use most of the same arguments against many FPSs including Doom, u don't like the skill shot system? the jokes are immature? so are most of the stand up comedian jokes....I definitely liked it, reminded me of some cool SF comics and the world/story/graphics are better than most is a cool 'well made' fun game and certainly more people will dig it if they actually played the full game instead of basing their opinions on the crap demo and articles. I hope they make a sequel! It's a cool IP and i know the demo had influence on the sales, cause when i 1st played it i didn't really like it too, but i gave it a chance because of the Gears3 beta, i'm glad i did. I really liked the campaign and a great quality game like this deserves more sales, period.

Parasyte2547d ago

If the ending is any indication, I think there will be a sequel.

otherZinc2547d ago

Yes, the author doesn't have a clue.

Also, BulletStorm did sell well:
1st 4 weeks BulletStorm sold 430,000 units in Americas compared to 1st 4 weeks of Killzone 3- 606,000.

BulletStorm Sold terrible on the PS3 at 38,000 in 1st week & didn't chart after that.

As a whole (360 & PS3) it didn't sell well. However, Epic should realise the importance of keeping Gears exclusive to the 360. Also, Epic should now understand the love for "CO-OP" that powers The Gears games!

Clarence2547d ago

BulletStorm was on multiple consoles including pc. KZ3 was on one consoles. BulletStorm was crap. Little cliffy tried to $hit on KZ3 by releasing the game at the same time as KZ3. He said that BulletStorm was just created to disrupt the release of KZ3.

stevenhiggster2547d ago

Bulletstorm only sold on 360 because of the Gears 3 beta, fact.

Lazy_Sunday2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Bulletstorm may be a fun game in the right situation, but after playing it, I've realized it brought nothing innovative or new to the genre, and it didn't bring any value to it's name.
It didn't feel like a complete experience for $60. It felt like a co-op side game that should have been as an add-on for Gears of War or something, since it really only held a value of half a game (like CoD's Zombies).
Much like Killzone 3 and Duke Nukem Forever, the game promised to innovate but basically borrowed features from other games. It also parodies other shooters to a point that is just annoying, the bloodshed is overdone and the language is so overused it's boring. Much like Duke Nukem, dare I say. And Borderlands is quite a juvenile game lacking good story, but it's a hell of a game because it actually innovates the way Bulletstorm should have--open world skill killing would have led the way. Otherwise I just feel like I'm playing co-op CoD getting points for bank shots, back-stabs and headshots.
And don't even get me started on the lack of a jump button. It's okay when you do it in games like Rainbow Six where there is some sort of tactical edge involving lots of vertical movement, but this doesn't even have an excuse for it's lack.

NeoTribe2547d ago

I stopped reading ur statment when u said enslaved was a good game. Such garbage u speak.

PR0X12547d ago

I bought Bulletstorm for 10euro and I really enjoyed it!!!

Sleeper hit for me.

gamingdroid2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I agree and Duke Nukem's fabulous sales despite the terrible reviews shows you that new IPs don't really sell well in general. If you are a new IP, you really have to be exceptional to sell and let's face it, if every game was exception, the exceptional bar would be raised!

If you are a sequel, you can be average (or Duke Nukem's case outright terrible) and still sell well.

If anything Bulletstorm was an attempt at being creative in the shooter genre and for the most part succeeded. I enjoyed the variety of the game mechanic.

JellyJelly2547d ago

@Sub4Dis - It's obvious you haven't played it. It's nothing like Bioshock, more aching to Half-Life.

Singularity without question has one of the best single player campaigns of any FPS this gen.

Why o why2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

for real.. Is it really that good in your opinion. Is there a demo for this? I just watched some trailers on you tube and the first thing I thought was bioshock. My favourite single player campaign this gen has probably been resistance fom.

fei-hung2547d ago

When this game was about to be released, I remember thinking, "damn, KZ3, Bulletstorm, Brink or Crysis2?"

I remember it was like a fps avalanche and I couldn't afford to buy all 3. I played the demo and for me, KZ3 played the best, Brink I wasn't interested in since its main focus was online and even then it sounded pretty much like KZ3's online operations mode.

Ended up buying Crisis 2 and KZ3 since the demo for Bullestorm just felt really average. Fair enough it had a killing style system, but it wasn't so great where it made the game a must buy for me. The killing didn't give that same satisfaction that games like BFBC, KZ3, MOH and others do.

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Cajun Chicken2547d ago

This game was brilliant and in fact, BETTER than Gears. Possibly the best Epic had come up with for a long time, thanks in part to People Can Fly.

Personally, loved Bulletstorm.

I_find_it_funny2547d ago

I think it's PCF who came up with game not Epic. Thanks in part to Epic

yaz2882547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

@Cajun Chicken

I agree with you

I loved bulletstorm ,one of my favorite game this year
I really really hope to see a sequel ..

negative2547d ago

Better than Gears.... lol

wicko2547d ago

Because its shit and no one likes touching shit.

HydroCopper2547d ago

cajun and yaz, both of you actually liked bulletstorm and actually admitted liking it? one of the worst games of this or any generation.

both of you lose bubbles for immaturity.

Boon Tarkas2547d ago

wha...oh ok ,dad. Sheesh.

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StarWolf2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Only reason people didnt buy it is because its not being talked about. Its not cool to play unlike COD. I dont buy generic FPS games and sadly a generic FPS game outsold this innovative one. Expect the developers to create more generic FPS titles because this one didnt sell. This article is BS.

Call Of Bulletstorm: Black Ops 2013 .

HAF9122547d ago

This author is intelligent. Thats refreshing. Favoriting his site.

MrBeatdown2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

No he's not.

He's calling Bulletstorm a cancer on the game industry because it isn't as high-brow as he thinks video games should be, even though it is the kind of originality the industry needs.

God forbid someone has a fart joke in their game. The thing is, Bulletstorm's story and characters would have been dull without the so-called "immaturity" because it was handled so well that it gave the characters some personality, unlike the characters in that Military Shooter 3 game that they all play down at the yacht club.
@HAF912 (below)

Because then we have another Deus Ex. The toilet humor helped make Bulletstorm unique. If the whole thing was just uninspired poop jokes, it would be one thing, but it was handled in a way that made it funny, and it never became excessive or repetitive. The author brings up the "rear-entry" skillshot, where you kick a heavy armored guy in the ass, exposing his butt crack, then you shoot at it, until he dies from an explosive fart. Would the game really have been better if it was something more high-brow? I don't think so.

And really, it's a game where you shoot explosives at a guy and kick them into a giant cactus. The gameplay isn't exactly high-brow stuff. It's over the top, and that exactly what the toilet humor allowed them to do with the characters.

HAF9122547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

originality and creativity are welcome. But if your only originality is toilet humor then that's useless.

Besides you act like what they did was necessary to give characters personality. They could have went about it another way.

btw i see you have deus ex 3 as avatar. Deus ex 1 was original. Why cant they do something like that?

Perkel2547d ago

@ HAF912

Bullerstorm was more original than last 50 FPS games since 2002.

And it wasn't only original ! It is fun has great atmosfere and v nice graphic !

I will kill you di#k moment is probably the most fun moment in gaming in recent game history !

Venjense2547d ago

Bulletstorm was one of the worst games I've played in a while and I buy A LOT of games.

I'd give the game 5-6/10

Swiggins2547d ago

I'd give this uninspired review a 1/10.

wicko2547d ago

@ Venjense

You should play Brink then