Bastion team: Downloadable games can “provide a better value to players” than retail titles

Supergiant games' Greg Kasavin talks to Critical Gamer about the team's decision to leave retail development and form their own studio, in order to go digital.

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scruffy_bear2576d ago

Got to get Bastion sounds great

mcgrottys2576d ago

I agree, games like from dust, hydro thunder, castle crashers, limbo and more all feel as though the could have easily been $20 and worth it and others even $30. but I am glad that they are only $10-15.

banjadude2575d ago

Just to add in some older games:

- Costume Quest
- Stacking
- Deathspank
- Flower
- etc...

mcgrottys2574d ago

Oh man I can't believe I forgot flower, that game is awesome!

Solidus187-SCMilk2576d ago

Bastion provided me a great value for 15. it took me around 8 or more hours to finish it. now im playing my new game +. I like buying quality original titles for 15$. My favorites are bastion and SHADOW COMPLEX.

I think the best games are easily worth 60$, to bad most the games are not that good and still charge 60$. I think quality original $15 titles are a great value compared to 10$ ports or mediocre 60$ games.

Im glad to support bastion devs, as this is their first game and is really good.

Hicken2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

I can agree with this to a certain extent. The question is whether this will be true ten years from now. I love Flower and a lot of other DL games, but will I still be playing and enjoying them a decade or more from now?