Quinton Flynn Discusses Kingdom Hearts; Doesn't Know If Axel/Lea Will Be Returning

Organization XIII Podcast were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Quinton Flynn, the voice actor for Axel/Lea in the Kingdom Hearts series.

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zerocrossing2551d ago

Axel died dude, This isn't Dragon Ball Z. Unless they bring in a Axel from another world then probably not.

Lavalamp2549d ago

But if Quinton Flynn hasn't heard anything from SE, that could also mean the characters he voices will never appear in things like flashbacks, alternate realities, dreams, memories, or even prequels.

zerocrossing2549d ago

It sucks if Axel doesn't come back in any way shape of form, Quinton Flynn is a great voice actor buy Im not even sure if he'll be voicing Raiden in MGS Rising since last I heard he hadn't been contacted about it.