Xenoblade Chronicles to Feature ‘Over 100 hours’ Gameplay

Following the announcement that Nintendo has brought forward the release date of the highly-anticipated Xenoblade Chronicles, the action Role-Playing Game (RPG) developed exclusively for Wii. Discussing the game, Nintendo has stated that Xenoblade Chronicles will feature ‘over 100 hours of immersive gameplay’ as you journey through its immersive world.

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zerocrossing2581d ago

Well, time to kiss goodbye to my social life :) lol

NewMonday2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

i hope it for the rich content an not for the mandatory level grinding.

zerocrossing2581d ago

I don't mind grinding so much if the battle system is solid and entertaining, but yeah agreed.

hazelamy2581d ago

i agree, i quite like a bit of grinding if the game is fun.

it's when the game isn't fun that grinding is a problem.

The Great Melon2581d ago

Check out the Project Rainfall website. It looks like we made be receiving Xenoblade and Last Story at least if you trust inside Nintendo source.

zeroskie2581d ago

That probably means lots of grinding and randomly generated dungeons. Moot point since we're not going to see it in the US anyways.

CrescentFang2581d ago

It should be more... if anyone has looked through how many side-quest there are :)

Seferoth752581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Wow.. In a gen of 5 to 10 hour games we get one that is 100 and its not good enough....Even recent Square games are only 20-40

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