Capcom: Sales down, profits up

VG247: "Poor performance by the core consumer games division lead to a drop in sales of console and handheld games for Capcom in the first quarter, but massive leaps for mobile game sales and a strong performance by arcade operations kept the money coming."

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Yi-Long2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

... or games where you already know they'll release a better version slightly later on.

Profits are up because too many idiots are paying big bucks for DLC.

Quagmire2550d ago

Im pretty sure the CEO of Capcom is saying the exact same thing while laughing on his way to the bank.

GrieverSoul2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Unfortunaly, for them, its good. If a game sales breaks even with the production costs then the DLC is pure profit. DLC, mind you, that was already on the disc and its cost was paid in the 60€ the consumer gave for the game. For Capcom its a WIN-WIN situation.

Also, these HD remakes are the new "Retro" trend. Its a great opportunity for the gamers that missed the games in the past but this makes companies less likely to release new titles and go for the quick buck of an HD remake. I really hope this doenst go for the future consoles because the next step will be playing every game of this generation with 120 frames per second with 3D. I rather have myself a new IP, please.

princejb1342550d ago

i hope their learning their lesson, they need to make better games and stop remaking the same game over and over again[I'm looking at you sf4 and mvc3]

chidori6662550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Keep releasing crap like Marvel vs crapcom 3 and rehashed games and that’s what happens. lol

zerocrossing2550d ago

Anyone else actually facepalm while reading this?

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