Current 3DS owners get free games

Nintendo is also looking to reward early adopters, those who own a 3DS and connect to Nintendo eShop before 11:59PM EST on August 11 will be enrolled into the"Nintendo 3DS Ambassador" program

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Optical_Matrix2581d ago

It's good to know they're rewarding the real ballers of society. Glad I got mine day one.

Inside_out2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Can't say I didn't expect it. Nintendo keeps launching the same DS with some gimmick for MORE money ...DS, DS lite, DSXL, 3DS, DS with cheese...O_o...and the suckers lick it up.

" Nintendo 3DS is getting a massive price cut "...

What this is telling the world is we understand our 3DS is a massive fail and PLEASE buy it. Usually, you would see this kind of price cut going into the holidays but things are so bad for the Japanese giant that it's not waiting. I expect another price drop before the holidays.

People are tired of Nintendo and there suspect advertising...they are finally catching on. The Wii was a great success but I fear they will never recover from their shortsightedness. The Wii-U is basically starting from zero while 360 and PS3 take over their demographic.
The biggest losers in all this are the guys that bought it day one, tho Niny is trying to stop any revolt by giving them 20 old games nobody wants...0_o...Even Ubisoft has cancelled their game...sad really.

I have high hopes for Sony and it's REAL gaming handheld, PS Vita with glorious dual analogs.

Canary2580d ago

PS Vita doesn't exactly have the best looking line-up of games, either. Hell, the only games (announced) for it that I'd be at all interested in playing... I already can on my PS3.