The Rock Is Revealed As The Pre-order Incentive For WWE '12

Fans of WWE '12 will be wanting to pre-order the game now as The Rock has been revealed as the pre-order incentive for the game.

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Septic2425d ago

Isn't this akin to releasing a Street Fighter game and making Ryu a pre-order only character?

nickjkl2425d ago

why you do this thq

i wasnt getting the game anyway but still you make the rock pre order exclusive

DeadlyFire2424d ago

Cuz they are scared its going to suck so they want you to buy it anyway.

Cmpunk2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

lol when you think of great gaming you dont think of thq

4221852425d ago

I stoped watching wrestling when they started pushing Cena down our throats.

Cmpunk2425d ago

yes but cm punk has made it watchable

DaBadGuy2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

All the old timers are gone but yes CM Punk is the best thing going in WWE today. I may be going to Survivor Series at the Garden this year and I hope to see Punk and The Rock, who is supposed to be there, meet up and "discuss" Punk's comments on Dwayne from his epic promo.

And maybe it will be naptime for The Rock.

On topic: The Rock has been in every Smackdown game since the first one. Big deal.

pain777pas2424d ago

That would be the perfect feud though between Rock and Punk. I really am liking Punk right now but watching clips is all I won't to do. He has to make me go out and buy tickets like Rock and Austin. That is the problem with the business right now.

user83971442425d ago

I stopped when Goldberg and Stone Cold quit.

2424d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.