Nintendo confirms European 3DS price cut

Nintendo of Europe will be reducing the European trade price of the Nintendo 3DS to retailers by around a third from August 12, 2011, as part of a global trade price reduction initiative.

"The ultimate price to consumers is, of course, determined by retailers, however we look forward to consumers benefiting from much lower retail prices very soon," reads a statement from Nintendo.

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Lucreto2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Sucks to be me I bought the 3DS at launch thinking I better get it now before zelda sells it out.

I don't have wifi so I can't get the free games either from the store.

edit: Why does it say European price cut when it only mentions pounds.

I_find_it_funny2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

man f__k pounds , 170€ is the current price

Knushwood Butt2545d ago

My buddy in the UK bought his 3DS just a couple of weeks ago. I wonder how much he is going to 'benefit' from these lower retail prices...

digitaledge2545d ago

You'll be able to download the games from any free Wi-Fi point, surely? All you'd need to do is take your 3DS out with you - even to a McDonald's.

Lucreto2545d ago

Yes well wifi spots are rare where I'm from. I have not been near a McDonald's in 6 years and I have to go out of my way to get to one.

MAJ0R2545d ago

wow price cut already, must not be doing as good as they anticipated

Neo Nugget2545d ago

Or they weren't expecting the Vita to have a similar price tag.

kingdavid2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

I can guarantee that one of the reasons was to keep the third party developers on board. (Alot are being driven away).

digitaledge2545d ago

They have 2 rather huge games coming out in time for Christmas, so it's to increase the user base for that time, as well as to impact on Vita sales at launch.

Stealth2k2545d ago

The sales have been better in every region than the ds..........

And better placing too.

The 3ds has been in first place 4 out of 6 weeks in japan with 2 second places

I could never have said that about the ds

Staude2545d ago

Probably to negate the impact the vita could have on their system coinciding with most regular people just concidering the 3ds a update to the ds.

TheEatingVodka2545d ago

Yes because the Vita is not an update to the PSP

kingboy2545d ago

major update..yes no so much for the 3ds

TheEatingVodka2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

@kingboy, Oh really?
A bigger screen, 3D, better graphics, Netflix, Virtual console and an Analog stick as opposed to the Vita's 3 new features: Bigger screen (which means a huge handheld that won't fit in pocket), better graphics, and a second analog stick.
Plus don't forget what will happen to the Vita.. After 2 years no more games will be released for it because Sony will focus only on the PS4.. Just like this generation.

MasterCornholio2545d ago

The 3DS is a lot more poweful than the DS you can clearly see the extra muscle in this screenshot comparison.

Metroid Prime Hunters DS:

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3DS:

There is a big difference in visuals between the DS and the 3DS.

Rattlehead202545d ago


What makes the Vita a MAJOR update and the 3DS not?

Like the Vita, graphics are improved.
Like the Vita, it's online has improved.
Like the Vita, it has a few social updates.
It has Netflix/soon to be Sky integration.
It's sound is better than the DS.
It has 3D

news4geeks2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

I'd say the 3DS isn't a major update when the graphics are still PSP/PS2 standard. That's at least 10 year old graphics capabilities.

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MasterCornholio2545d ago

Didnt take them long to confirm it for europe. Glad i didnt buy one at launch. Now just drop it to 150 euros and i will pick one up or if i can find it used for that price. I knew Nintendo priced it high to take advantage of the early adopters but i was never expecting them to drop the price this quickly. Maybe its because of the Vitas pricing that they did this.

majiebeast2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Still buying a Vita over a 3ds Oled>cheap 3d tech. Thing hasnt even been out 6 months here yet. I guess even nintendo knew it wasnt worth 250 euro especially compared to the vita.

Only game that would make me buy a 3ds would be megaman legends ohh wait...

TheEatingVodka2545d ago

Good for you but why would you a Sony fanboy come in here and tell that to us like we are interested?

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