Ubisoft and the growing ‘online pass’ trend

Ubisoft have announced that they will be following fellow publishers EA, Codemasters, THQ, Sony and Warner Bros in a vain attempt to tap into the elusive second-hand sales market.

Here at This Is My Joystick we look at the growing trend of the online pass, who it will affect and who is to blame.

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dangert122574d ago

Surprised they wearnt the first lol

I_find_it_funny2574d ago

the only game right now I'm interested to play online from Ubisoft is Ghost Recon, majority of their games are single player for me

news4geeks2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

I didn't buy their PC games because they required you to be online at all times during play even though they were less than £5 on steam. That's just ridiculous and didn't suit my situation at the time. Still weary about Ubisoft but I'm not sure what their conditions are for PC games at the moment.

I don't mind the online pass because I use steam anyway so it wouldn't affect me, so perhaps I'm slightly biased. But it still remains that the publishers get the money from me so I have every right to game online. If you're buying used, you don't have any right to game online. You cheated the publishers into getting a cheap single player campaign and you should be happy at that.

nopunctuation2574d ago

Good. Pirates will be dead soon at this rate.

iamnsuperman2574d ago

"High Street stores already struggling to compete with cheaper online stores will slowly lose their more profitable business of selling pre-owned games at marked up prices, and will slowly disappear. Gamers will be out-of-pocket too as the publishers re-gain control."....Well that's bull. A lot of the "retailers" have online store capabilities that are competing competitively with Amazon. I would say that used game sales were already losing out to sites like ebay/ebay shops.
I think I am the only one but I agree with these online passes. You can still play the single player for free but you pay for multiplayer which takes support from publishers to be successful.

n4gisatroll2574d ago

This is why your argument fails. If I buy the game...I use my online pass on my account. My girlfriend, who lives with me, now has to buy her own game or a pass. Before, she can use my game without having to spend money. The fact that we have nephews and other kids and family coming over, who also have an account of our ps3, now can't even play online unless we pay 10 for each account. This is a terrible idea for my family and anyone else who has family that plays games on the same system. Even worse my best friend and his brother split the game cost so they can actually buy games. Now they can't both play online unless they spend money, they don't have much to spend on, on the first place.

raWfodog2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

It does suck, as PSN has the advantage over XBOX Live of being free to play online. But it seems that now we will get a taste of what XBOX Live users have to go through. Every account on a single 360 system has to have Gold membership in order to play online.

I would agree with having to purchase an online pass to play online games on a particular PS3, but not for every user account on that system.

caseh2574d ago

'I think I am the only one but I agree with these online passes. You can still play the single player for free but you pay for multiplayer which takes support from publishers to be successful.'

Don't agree with that at all, online play has always been considered to be a perk of the game, not a main selling feature. Activision for example could pull the plug on all servers tomorrow and you would have no say on the matter as the online isn't the main aspect of the game.

fooxy2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

PC Version of upcoming Driver DRM will require constant internet connection I'll rather play bootleg Ubisoft sucks dicks

Raven_Nomad2574d ago

These online passes mean nothing to me. I usually only play Call Of Duty, Halo, Gears online. I buy all those games new and even used they don't require passes.

I did recently buy Assassins Creed Brotherhood used, but I don't play it online. Most games I could care less about playing online anyway.