Commanding Shepard: Jennifer Hale Speaks

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"Jennifer Hale has appeared in a great many more games than you probably realise. The person behind the voice of the female Shepard in all three Mass Effect games is also responsible for Metal Gear’s Naomi Hunter, SOCOM’s HQ, and even the grunts and groans of Metroid Prime’s Samus. And of course her spookily good British accent as KotOR’s Bastilla. Amongst literally hundreds of others, in gaming, TV and film. We caught up with Jennifer as she drove through LA, to ask how she came to provide so many of gaming’s iconic voices, the combination of anonymity and fame, and which of the Commander Shepards she’s voting for to appear on Mass Effect’s cover."

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larrym2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

I love this woman and her work. I've played MGS4, Metroid, both Mass Effect games, and of course both Kotor games. She has a very distinctive voice, and I can tell it's voice right away.
Although I was not thrilled about her work in Bulletstorm and hearing her curse like a sailor, it was just weird her her say stuff like that. Jennifer Hale and Grey Delisle are my favorite female voice actors.

egidem2578d ago

I agree with you on that one. I love her very much. She's very talented and the SHEER amount of video games she's done, the list is RIDICULOUS. It's one hell of an accomplishment.

@Jack Tretton below:


Perjoss2578d ago

I'm not a big fan of top 10 lists, but I would like to see a GOOD list of top 10 voice actors in gaming, and not just the most famous ones or ones that have been in the biggest AAA titles either.

JD_Shadow2578d ago

I was shocked to see this woman's name in the credits when I beat the first ME as the female Shep. I wanted to play her when I saw it. Thing is, when you hear how Hale speaks in her normal voice, you'd never think that it was her providing the voice of a female character unless you knew beforehand.

Hale has a tremendous track record (I didn't know she did Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego), she seems like an awesome person, and is a pleasing woman on the eyes, as well (trust me, watch the interview she did that I've attached. She's bangin'!). She's such a talented voice! Great interview!

Pozzle2578d ago

Wow, I had no idea she did Cinderella's voice. Those are the only Disney sequels I don't think are completely awful, and a lot of it has to do with how good Cinderella and her voice is. :O

GoldPS32578d ago

She's smart and funny too. Awesome woman.

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