Resistance 3 Lab Video 10: Spotter

The Resistance 3 Weapon and Ability Lab series continues with the Spotter. Use the spotter ability to highlight your enemies in red. The highlighting applies not just to you, but your teammates as well.

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crematory2549d ago

honestly i'm having too much fun with the beta , it force you to choose your abilities wisely and team work is a must to win with balanced gameplay
its a sure buy for me

r212549d ago

what would you compare the online to?
kz3 or COD MW or its entirely unique.

user83971442549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Its like Resistance 1 with COD killstreaks

El-Fenemeno12132549d ago

Loving the online as of now. I upgraded this since it proves to be useful.

mt2549d ago

I just got the beta today. I must say the game has the fun factor.